Battlefield 2042, GTA Trilogy, and Bright Memory: Infinite launching with NVIDIA Tech

Let’s just call it what it is — DLSS is technological magic. We saw it take an RTX 3060 from 11fps to 60 at 4K in our Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy comparison, and now we’ve got three more games shipping today and tomorrow that’ll bring DLSS, Reflex, Ray Tracing, and more. If you were excited for Bright Memory: Infinite, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, or Battlefield 2042, then strap in — we’ve got great news for NVIDIA users.

Bright Memory: Infinite (it’s still baffling this game and its predecessor was made by a single developer) is shipping on PC with a whole gamut of tech — ray-traced shadows, reflections, caustics and global illumination, NVIDIA DLSS, and Reflex will top that list. How much of an improvement will Reflex bring? Well, at 4K with a Core i9 10900K CPU you can expect to drop from 89ms to 45ms on an RTX 3060, and from 38ms to 25ms on an RTX 3080 Ti. No doubt that’ll be critical in this gorgeous shooter. More importantly, however, is the DLSS implmentation. We’ve got a chart below showing everything from an RTX 3060 all the way up to the RTX 3080 Ti, and it has to be seen to be believed. Again, seeing a 2060 go from 7.2fps at 4K and maxed settings to a very playable 34.1fps is astounding. Seeing a 3080 Ti jump from 36.8fps with the tech disabled, only to whip past 100 with DLSS enabled is nothing short of tech voodoo. Here’s a short video showing off RTX in the game, along with a very in-depth article from NVIDIA on all of the PC optimizations you can expect from the game.

Bright Memory: Infinite | Exclusive RTX Gameplay Reveal Trailer


Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, and it’s also bringing DLSS to the table. While a game from more than a decade ago isn’t expected to push your system, this overhauled version with new lighting, longer draw distance, improved textures, and controls straight out of GTAV should make fans happy. DLSS should make it run on just about anything, showing improvements of up to 85%. Time to take wholesale crime on the road on your laptop, it seems.

The last game shipping (it unlocks tomorrow for early access, with everyone getting to play on the 19th) is no stranger to RTX and DLSS — Battlefield 2042. Battlefield V was one of the first games ever to showcase RTX improvements, and they made the game look gorgeous. Now, three years later, we have DLSS 2.0, vast improvements to Ray Tracing technologies and implementations, and the addition of Reflex. Now that we’ll finally get our hands on the game, we’ll be able to tell you about all the bells and whistles soon. Here’s a little trailer to whet your appetite.

Battlefield 2042 | Official PC Trailer With RTX On

Not too long ago you’d have had to build an absolutely obscene rig to run games in eye-popping 4K. Now, I just have to wonder if NVIDIA’s next series of cards and DLSS implementation will usher in 8K gaming. I’m giddy just thinking about it.

You can grab the newest NVIDIA drivers using the NVIDIA experience to optimize for these three games, as well as the 130+ other games that support the tech.

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