News, EA and League of Legends attacked

An attack on League of Legends, EA and, amongst others, took place earlier today. A series of DDoS attacks was launched on these sites, more importantly, they were targeted to get a single gamer, and focused on all the games he streams on his Twitch page. The hacker (group?) DERP has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Hackers Claim Takedown Of, League Of Legends, EA [UPDATE]

A little while later, the “victim”, PhantomL0rd, reported being swatted, which means someone reported a fake hostage situation at his home, resulting in a SWAT team entering his home and arresting him:

just had an automatic pointed at me, put in hand cuffs and sat in the back of a cop car as I watched as 6 policemen go through my whole house.. will keep you all updated.

A few hours ago, PhantomLord posted a YouTube response as a response to the attacks.

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