Attack the titan and the tiny as Morphies Law is now available

If you’ve just woken up and wanted something new and exciting for the Nintendo Switch, Cosmoscope has just announced that its multiplayer shooter Morphies Law will be available today to download on the Nintendo Switch. In addition, the game will have a day one patch that will address some issues as well as grant some bonus items for those who use the code earlymorhpie in the first two days.

In Morphies Law, with each weapon hit you grow and your enemy shrinks. Land a headshot and your enemies head will shrink while yours grows, pull off a bunch of leg shots and see where your giant legs can take you, or use your tiny body to hide in secret passages, ready for an ambush.

Discover a wide mix of weapons, plugins, modes and maps where skill is not expressed by kill-death-ratios, but by your body size.

From sinking buildings to rotating horizontal hamster wheels, you’ll have to learn how mass affects every map to master the game and become a giant. Learn to adapt your strategy to your body shape, build your perfect weapon out of weapon parts, unlock wacky Morphie Plugins, figure out crazy team strategies and discover more surprises.

The game will support 8-player local multiplayer and 4v4 online multiplayer modes across three different modes. Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.


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