Atomicrops coming to early access on PC via Epic Games Store on September 5th

Farming simulator meets bullet hell roguelite Atomicrops is coming to early access on PC exclusively through the Epic Games Store on September 5th. During this early access period, the developers are hoping to build a community that will help shape the development of the game.

Atomicrops is the genetically modified blend of a challenging bullet hell roguelite mixed with a charming farming simulator that you didn’t know you needed in your life until we revealed it earlier this year. The wait won’t be much longer, Atomicrops launches into early access next week on September 5th exclusively on the Epic Games store!

We’ve got more news though! Early access means building a community with folks from all over who want to help shape the development of the game. With the help and support of Epic, we’re able to offer something nifty to anyone prepared to shoot first and harvest vegetables later—Atomicrops will be available for 50% off when it launches! For one week, we’ll offer a descending discount where the discount lowers a little bit each day, so the earlier you take up your overalls and tractor the better! It’s our way of saying thank you for giving the game an early shot and to help better prepare you for any forthcoming nuclear apocalypses.

Atomicrops was nominated for “Best Indie Game” at our Best of E3 2019 awards. You can check out our preview of the game here. For more information on Atomicrops, visit the official website.

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