Asura’s Wrath Focuses On Retailer Preorder Bonuses

Meet Asura.  He’s pretty mad.  It’s probably related to all those things impaling his torso but we can’t know for sure until CyberConnect2’s action game Asura’s Wrath comes to North America early next year.  And frankly, based on the combination of hyper-kinetic brawling and vindictive Space Buddhas  seen in the announcement trailer, it might not even be clear then.  One thing we can report for certain though: he’s definitely not angry about the lack of retailer-specific preorder bonuses for gamers to choose between.  We’ve got the full scoop — with trailers! — just after the jump!

Fans who pre-order Asura’s Wrath at will earn the Devastator Pack. This includes two additional gauges in the game that allow the player to reduce damage taken by Asura, and fill his Unlimited Rage Gauge faster.

Best Buy
The Infinity Pack will be the reward for pre-ordering at Best Buy. Featuring the Extinguisher Mode and Zealot Mode, the Infinity Pack gives players the ability to recover more quickly from overheating due to heavy attacks and prolongs the player’s time in Unlimited Rage Mode.

Those who pre-order Asura’s Wrath at GameStop will receive an exclusive combination art and comic book. Written and illustrated by the crew at Penny Arcade, the Asura’s Wrath comic book takes a hilarious “what if” look at Asura and how he would deal with everyday situations. The flipside of the book features a collection of concept art straight from the developers at CyberConnect 2. With illustrations of the Asian mythology and Sci-Fi inspired universe that makes Asura’s Wrath truly unique, the Asura’s Wrath art and comic book is sure to please any fan.

Capcom is expecting to bring Asura’s Wrath to North American 360 and PS3 consoles on February 21st, 2012.

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