Astro wins the battle for New York, becomes official audio partner of Andbox

I have several pairs of Astro headphones, and after todays news, so will every prominent New York esports team. Astro is now officially the audio partner for Andbox, the organization behind the New York Subliners  (NYSL), New York Excelsior  (NYXL), and Andbox, its professional VALORANT team/namesake. While Astro has featured prominently in the esports space and especially with the Call Of Duty League, this marks yet another move into dominating it. The following release is from the official Astro blog-

We told you the ASTRO Esports train has no brakes, and we meant it. We’re incredibly excited to announce our partnership with Andbox, New York’s flagship esports organization. This multi-year partnership means ASTRO will be the Official Audio Partner of the New York Subliners (NYSL), New York Excelsior (NYXL), and Andbox, its professional VALORANT team that shares a name with the organization. Andbox’s staff, rosters, and region are a perfect match for the ASTRO Family. We support the community, lifestyle, and competitive facets of esports separately, and are excited to see what our combined powers can do.

As a longtime Call of Duty Esports partner, we’re no strangers to the competitive FPS scene, so stepping into the world of Overwatch and VALORANT is a natural fit. Our goal is to provide competitors with the highest quality audio and communication experience, as the ability to hear footsteps in Call of Duty or a vocal cue in Overwatch makes all the difference.

We know the importance of supporting the teams when the pressure is off, too. Practice, streaming, and even casual gaming with friends is all vital to well-rounded pro competitors. With that in mind, you know Andbox teams and pros will share the love with the community as well. Be sure to keep your eyes on @Subliners & @ASTROTR on Twitter for exclusive ASTRO giveaways, gear drops, and custom A40 TR Speaker Tags coming soon.

The New York Subliners accelerated as the year went on this past Call of Duty League season, and we’re stoked to ride the wave with them this year as they continue on their quest to earn a ring. If you caught the $100,000 NYSL WarzoneMania Tournament, you might have seen NYSL dropping hints by giving away yellow ASTRO.ID headsets. This was just the tip of the iceberg with how we’re working together to reward fans and aspiring competitors.

Andbox’s Overwatch League team, the New York Excelsior, made some bold moves heading into this season, with a roster that combines notable veterans alongside young, up-and-coming talent. Their tryout and selection process was rigorous, and ultimately their player choices are going to make for a bold and exciting team to watch.

VALORANT is still new to the scene, but Andbox has already made an impression on its competitors. They recently took 3rd place overall in the VALORANT Nerd St Gamers $25k Winter Championships, earning their place amongst other top teams. The time is ripe for Andbox, since VALORANT just kicked off their 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour, which runs from January into mid-March.

We see how hungry the Call of Duty community is for a chance to put their skills to the test and win some gear upgrades for their squads. That’s why we’re working with Beyond Entertainment to bring you the NYSL Power Players, our new annual competitive series with huge rewards for players. Kicking off the series is NYSL Power Players: $25k Proving Grounds, Presented by ASTRO. This FREE-TO-ENTER 4v4 Challengers Ladder will be your chance to step into the arena and battle it out for prizes, cash, and, most importantly, your chance to earn a spot on NYSL’s Challengers team, the NYSL Academy. Season 1 & 2 of NYSL Power Players: $25k Proving Grounds will have a combined playoff that will take place on broadcast before the New York Subliners Home Series. There, teams will battle it out live to win exclusive ASTRO Gaming and NYSL merchandise in addition to their share of the cash prize pools totaling over $25,000.

When we say this is your path to pro, we mean it. The winners of Season 1 & 2 of the NYSL Power Players: 25k Proving Grounds will be given a chance to scrim against the NYSL Academy team in a practice match to hone their skills. This will give players a chance to test their mettle against an official CDL Challengers team and one of the top orgs in esports.

Once the season of NYSL Power Players: $25k Proving Grounds wraps and an overall Champion team is crowned, the winners will be given a once-in-a lifetime opportunity. The winning team will be awarded with a bespoke championship jacket to commemorate their win, a VIP trip to the CDL Championship, and an official tryout for the NYSL Academy team.

The NYSL Power Players: $25k Proving Grounds will truly give players the pro experience, and it’s one that any aspiring Call of Duty players shouldn’t miss. We’ll be able to share more Call of Duty esports news, including details on the Beyond NYSL Power Players: Sub & Destroy 2v2 Challenge, Presented by ASTRO, and more ways to step up your competitive game soon.

We’ll keep you posted on @ASTROTR@PlayBeyond, and with details on where to watch, earn prizes, and sign-up for free.

We’re kicking off our partnerships with some huge news for the Call of Duty community, but we aren’t stopping there. We’ll have plenty more events, exclusive apparel and gear, and ways for Valorant, Overwatch, and Call of Duty competitors to flex their competitive muscles.

We couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity to partner with Andbox and watch their teams, players, and coaches excel in their upcoming competitions. We’ll be cheering and supporting you every match.

Welcome to the ASTRO Family, Andbox.

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David Burdette is a gamer/writer/content creator from TN and Lead Editor for Gaming Trend. He loves Playstation, Star Wars, Marvel, and many other fandoms. He also plays way too much Call Of Duty. You can chat with him on Twitter @SplitEnd89.

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