Assassin’s Creed Unity trailers show off an immersive Paris and The Phantom Blade

You can probably tell from my hands-on preview with Assassin’s Creed Unity that I’m more than a little excited for the massive amount of changes coming to the franchise with this title.   Today I can finally show you a glimpse of some of the things I described, including the new Paris Stories missions, Murder Mysteries, Treasure Hunts and more.   Don’t take my word for it – see for yourself in the trailer above!   Here’s a snippet from my preview while you load that video up.

It is amazing how much work Ubisoft has put into Assassin’s Creed Unity.  It isn’t often a company is willing to touch this much of a franchise, especially this deep into the core mechanics, but I’m extremely encouraged with how it’s turned out.  Everything I’ve experienced tells me that Assassin’s Creed Unity just reinvented the genre.

As an added bonus, we also have a trailer that shows off The Phantom Blade replica that’ll be available day and date with the game’s launch on November 11th, exclusively on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.   Enjoy!

Assassin's Creed Unity - The Phantom Blade Replica

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