Arkham City Game of the Year Box Art Revealed

Ruining cover art is a common practice in the video game industry.  The three major console manufacturers all do it.  Go browse the aisles of your preferred big box store and you can’t mistake the cheap, off-color cases and mismatched borders as anything but the budget section.  I think they even go so far as to alter the disc art inside, but since I’d rather pay extra to find a version that doesn’t deface the original design, I’m can’t say from experience.

That’s just quick-and-dirty routine for “Greatest Hits” reprints, of course.  Publishers typically lavish a lot more attention on their “Game of the Year” editions.  Take the recently unveiled box art for Arkham City, for example.


Wow.  Just look at that.

The GOTY Edition of Batman: Arkham City, including all previously released DLC and the forthcoming “Harley Quinn’s Revenge” pack, is due to release at the end of May.


(h/t: GameInformer)

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