Arizona Sunshine comes to PSVR tomorrow

Arizona Sunshine is widely considered one of the best things on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, and frequently pops up as #1 or #2 most played each week.  That said, we’ve got some good news for those of you on the PlayStation Train — the game is coming to PSVR tomorrow! Better yet, it takes advantage of the PS4 Pro with some enhanced visual and an additional game mode designed for use with the PSVR aim controller as well. Let’s dig into those delicious details:

To celebrate the much-anticipated PS VR launch, the Arizona Sunshine Launch Edition will be on offer for a limited time only. From launch day through July 4, 2017, it will be available at 10% discount and comes with an exclusive Arizona Sunshine PS4™ theme.

On PlayStation®VR, explore Arizona Sunshine’s post-apocalyptic VR world using teleportation or locomotion (free) movement with any controller, and opt for optimal immersion with the PS VR aim controller or two PlayStation®Move motion controllers to dual-wield your weapons and handle your gear and consumables with real-life movements.

The game is playable with a DualShock, but the Move controllers or the aim controller is the way to go. We’ll be tackling the game on the new platform, so stay tuned for our review.

Arizona Sunshine will release on June 27th on PSVR

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