Arcade1Up’s Dragon’s Lair is now available for pre-order

Dragon’s Lair, the iconic arcade laserdisc classic, is now up for pre-order via Arcade1Up creates 3/4 replicas of arcade classics, and their Dragon’s Lair looks to be near identical to the arcade original, complete with a separate LCD scoreboard, light up marquee, and molded coin door. The main screen will be 17″ while the alpha numeric display scoreboard will be around 4″ wide and 5″ tall. You can check out the announcement video above and read below for more details:

It was stunning then, and it’s stunning now: Arcade1Up is thrilled to release Dragon’s Lair in a home arcade form factor, faithfully reproducing its nostalgic gameplay, and gorgeous cabinet design!

In 1983, video game designer Rick Dyer and legendary animator Don Bluth captivated the industry with Dragon’s Lair®, a spectacular game that was unlike anything seen before, so ambitious and so advanced that it mesmerized video game players across generations.

With its hand drawn animation, creative levels, and strong dose of sword and sorcery humor, crowds gathered around Dragon’s Lair® just to catch a glimpse of this “I can’t believe I’m playing a cartoon!” sensation.

Now, relive that magic at home, no quarters required! The Arcade1Up Dragon’s Lair® home arcade cabinet not only features the title game, but also the sequel Dragon’s Lair® II: Time Warp, and the sci-fi adventure themed Space Ace®. All featuring the beloved animation style of Don Bluth, all a phenomenal fun time.

Renowned for producing authentic arcade experiences, Arcade1Up game cabinets are absolute must-haves for family game rooms, man caves, or a welcome distraction in the office. Among the most requested retro game titles for Arcade1Up to release, Dragon’s Lair® — with its included matching riser — will become a centerpiece in any home arcade collection. It’s Dirk the Daring to the rescue!


Dragon’s Lair®
Dragon’s Lair® II: Time Warp
Space Ace®


Custom Arcade
Secondary LCD Screen
Dual Front Facing Speakers
Light Up Marquee
Molded Coin Door
Custom Riser


Assembled Dimensions: 19.75″ D x 19.90” W x 60.5″ H
Box Dimensions: 11.25″ Dx 45.50″ W x 23.75″ H
Weight: 69.10 lbs
Adjustable Volume
Clear Deck Protector
Anti-Tip Over Strap

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