All is fair in love and (geometry) war – Little Triangle hits the Switch today

Are you ready for some mathematical platforming goodness? Cotton Game and Konandenki have announced that its multiplayer hardcore platformer Little Triangle has been released today on the Nintendo Switch. The game supports up to four players in a variety of modes, including a “Duck Game”-like competitive mode.

The game targets to be one of the best hardcore platformers ever. If you are worried that a good hardcore game will take you too long to finish, you can try the “casual” mode in Little Triangle where you have some additional lives. With the same level design as the hardcore mode, you will still find the fun in the challenges with much less pressure. If you only love highly challenging hardcore platformers but cannot find new ones, please check the “hardcore” mode of Little Triangle and the difficult level is just right for you.

Check out the trailer for Little Triangle above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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