Alan Wake showrunner exits, but with two new faces coming in to lead the charge

You all know I’m super pumped for Alan Wake 2, but I’m also looking forward to the TV show that some may have missed in the middle of their sequel announcement fervor. This IP was just screaming for a silver screen adaption, and we’ve learned from PR and Variety some news that is a little disappointing, but with further information that will dissuade any pessimism around the project.

According to Variety, Peter Calloway of Legion fame has left the show, with conflicting timelines not allowing him to serve as the showrunner. While that definitely stinks, the good news is Jon Jashni and Jeff Ludwig are coming in as executive producer and producer to help steady the ship. A new showrunner is still needed, but the team is in the process of finding one as quickly as possible.

Some beats of note:

  • Contradiction Films – a boutique production company specializing in the adaptation of Video Game IP for live action – is announcing new additions to the production team for Alan Wake the upcoming TV series for AMC based on the best-selling video game.
  • Jon Jashni, former President of Legendary Entertainment, has signed on as Executive Producer. Jashni has a successful track record of producing live action versions of established IP such as the Godzilla series, Warcraft, Pacific Rim and Lost in Space
  • Jeff Ludwig, former VP of Scripted Film & Television Production for Ritchie/Wigram Productions, has signed on as producer. Ludwig’s previous credits include high profile IP including The Man from U.N.C.L.E.Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemSherlock Holmes, and Harry Potter.
  • AMC has bought the option to adapt the Alan Wake into a series. It will be produced by Tim Carter and Tomas Harlan of Contradiction Films, along with Jashni, and Ludwig. Sam Lake, creator of the game, is also attached to produce. A search is currently underway for a show runner/writer.
  • Previously announced showrunner Peter Calloway will not continue with the show due to conflicting project timelines.
More about Contradiction Films
  • Contradiction Films is a film and television production company which specializes in the adaptation of videogames and aligned content, co-founded by Tomas Harlan and Tim Carter. Select works include productions of: Mortal Kombat: Legacy (Warner Brothers), Dead Rising Series (Legendary/Sony), and Electra Woman and Dyna Girl(Legendary/Fullscreen). Current projects include Alan Wake (AMC).
  • Co-Founder Tomas Harlan has successfully negotiated multiple film and television financing, distribution, and overhead deals, while sourcing and producing multiple high-value IP. His efforts have led to deals with Warner Brothers, Sony, Paramount, Lionsgate, CBS, AMC, Starz, and Legendary Pictures.
  • Co-Founder Tim Carter has worked on more than a dozen major game franchises and is best known for writing the award-winning AAA game Sleeping Dogs. He sold his first television pilot to CBS in 2004 and has worked consistently in the studio system as a writer and producer ever since. He has written and produced three feature films including both Dead Rising features (Legendary/Sony) and Chateau Meroux (Starz). He is currently in development on numerous feature and television adaptations.

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