A smaller booty with more fun, Sea of Thieves to get a size-reducing update next month

Today, Rare announced that it has optimized and improved its recently released pillaging and plundering game Sea of Thieves, with an update to be released on February 6. Executive producer Joe Neate has also starred in a video detailing the changes.

Today, Rare announced improvements to the installation and patching process for “Sea of Thieves,” which will reduce the game’s overall install size while optimizing the team’s ability to push updates live moving forward. To implement these changes, “Sea of Thieves” will require a larger than normal update on Wednesday, February 6, where players will be prompted to fully download and reinstall the game.

Benefits of the update include reduced file size across all platforms, a streamlined patching and update process and reduced development strain.

Check out the video above, read Travis’ review of Sea of Thieves, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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