99 red S-blocks go by with Tetris 99’s fourth Tetris Maximus Cup this weekend

Ready for summer? Nintendo is raring to go with Tetris 99’s next Maximus Cup event from June 21 to 23, with 999 lucky winners getting 999 My Nintendo Gold Points. With each game you play, you’ll earn event points even if you don’t get that winner winner Tetris dinner.

Stretch out those fingers and practice your Tetrimino-rotating techniques. The Tetris® 99 MAXIMUS CUP is back and ready to award each of the top 999 skilled players with the most event points with 999 My Nintendo Gold Points.

On June 21, the Tetris 99 4th MAXIMUS CUP online event* arrives for players with a Nintendo Switch Online membership. Like the last MAXIMUS CUP, this free event awards various points for each match played during the event period, even if you don’t come in first place. The 4th MAXIMUS CUP runs from 12 a.m. PT on June 21 and ends at 11:59 p.m. PT on June 23. To participate, Nintendo Switch Online members just have to play the Tetris 99 online mode during the contest period. The top 999 players who earn the most event points in the allotted contest period will each earn 999 My Nintendo Gold Points, which can be redeemed for some cool games in Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo Switch system.

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