Portal 2 Puzzle Creator Sneak Peek

Portal 2. One of my favorite games of the year, really. Ever since blasting through the singleplayer and co-op campaigns, I’ve been sitting around hoping Valve would really put some effort into enabling more content for the game. And that’s why this update is some good news – the official Portal 2 blog has some information on the upcoming puzzle creator they’ll be releasing to the players. The goal is to make it easy to create new Portal 2 puzzles, and easier to share them with other players. What you see above is a crop of a screenshot provided in their blog post too. Speaking of that post…

…Here’s the money quote from it, outlining Valve’s Puzzle Creator plans.

The simplified puzzle creator will let players easily carve out their creations in a straightforward but powerful way. They’ll then be able to immediately upload those levels to their Steam Cloud and share them with other players online. We’re also building a community site to host all of these player-created puzzles. The site will allow players to quickly find new puzzles and add them to their game, ready to play, with a single click. Players will then be able to rate the puzzles they’ve played, leave comments for puzzle creators, and follow creators they like.

Frankly, I thought the screenshots shown at the blog were real pretty mockups rather than the real deal. By that I mean, they’re making this creator look a lot more intuitive and easy to use than typical SDKs. So if you’re the sort of creative person who loves to build levels – or even just wants to dip your toes into some 3D puzzle creation – keep your eyes on Portal 2. It looks like the updates we’ve seen so far may be only the beginning of the post-launch support for this game.


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