1985 Games have launched a new crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine

1985 Games, known for VHS Dice, Dungeon Craft, and more, have launched a new crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine. This new campaign gives investors a chance to join the booming TTRPG industry by supporting 1985 Games as they venture into the TTRPG market. You can learn more below:

PORTLAND, OR – March 2023 — 1985 Games, creators of Dungeon Craft, VHS Dice, Dungeon Notes, and more, has launched a new crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine: With role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons appearing on shows like Stranger Things and Big Bang Theory and celebrities like Henry Cavill and others showing their affinity for tabletop gaming, the segment has drawn a surging number of users globally. 1985 Games is one of the first tabletop game companies to invite their community to buy into the business via equity crowdfunding.

Co-founded in 2019 by serial entrepreneurs Lenny Gotter and Jeremiah Crofton, this nostalgic brand has rapidly expanded its reach worldwide. By developing products that are easy to use, affordable, and offer dynamic solutions to core player pain points, they support the ever-growing community with all the necessary tools to create immersive new worlds and take game night to a whole new level.

Today, 1985 Games boasts six different product lines and a crowd-funded ethos of the community, with over $1.3 million raised on Kickstarter to date. Their products have been featured on the incredibly popular Critical Role Twitch stream, Critical Role’s Talks Machina, as well as in articles on Nerdist, ICv2, Forbes, The Gamer, and many more. After growing by 142% and reaching $1.54 million in revenue for 2021, the team is now welcoming investors to join them as they expand their reach both online and in brick-and-mortar stores worldwide.

With hobby game sales surpassing $2.69 billion in 2021 and massive community growth supported by a resurgence of role-playing depictions in pop culture, the TTRPG world is jam-packed with opportunities for growth. 1985 Games has seized every opportunity, developing strategic collaborations with other premium brands in the space, building its brand ambassador program to include over 70 content creators, and growing its retail presence by over 7x— all in just six months.

Join the 1985 Games team as they bring a better gaming experience to players around the globe and receive 15% bonus shares for becoming an early backer today.

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