UFC Undisputed 2010 Review

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The Sound of Violence
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Popping and Locking
The thing I was most impressed with, and ultimately most saddened by, was the submission system in UFC 2009.  While the

UFC 2009 required you to wait for fight camps to get to trade leather with other legendary fighters.  This go around you

More Than Just A Career
Beyond the career mode, there are several new and returning modes to play.  Title Mode gives you the chance to take an experienced fighter and run them through their last 8, 10, or 12 opponents in a run up to taking the title. It acts as mid-ground between the longer career mode and the one-and-done nature of Instant Action by giving you an objective to achieve.  I like the breakdown at the end that shows where you are putting your strikes versus your opponent

In a nod to the younger audience of the UFC, you can also unlock Topps trading cards for your favorite fighters.  You

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