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Pirate Princess is the latest title from developer Moonpod, perhaps best known for their fantastic indie title Mr. Robot. The title of the game may be an instant turn-off to male gamers, who might expect the game is all about a tiara-sporting buccaneer prancing around on the high seas searching for her lost unicorn. Don The heroine of Pirate Princess is named Lisa Tuttle. Threatened by her stepmother with being sent off to boarding school, Lisa heads out on the ocean in search of her father. Her search will put her in conflict with everyone from run-of-the-mill thugs to fierce pirate captains. Along the way, Lisa will shed the innocence of her youth and transform into a mighty force to be reckoned with.

The gameplay in Pirate Princess consists of engaging in word battles with Lucy

Pirate Princess brings a lot of nice features to the table in an attempt to add some depth to what is a fairly simple game on the surface. First of all, Lucy gains experience as she fights enemies, which means she can level and unlock new skills. Players will be able to pick and choose from several skill trees which give Lucy special abilities. For instance, one skill may allow you to lock one or more letters in your grid so that you can save it for additional words rather than have it reshuffle. Other skills may allow you to make instant repairs to your ship, or perform damaging actions to your enemies. You can also add points to Lucy

The game map is divided into a series of hubs connected by pathways you can sail upon. Each hub is a village or city which provides new quests, a place to buy new ships or repair your existing one, and a merchant. Items are available for purchase from these merchants that will give you much needed boosts in battle. You may also earn items in battle or from quests. These range from simple health restorations to spare letters. This is probably as good a time as any to talk about Pirate Princess

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