Monopoly Streets Review

Strike 1: The game crashed my 360 less than 30 seconds after starting it for the first time.


Strike 2: The onscreen text is virtually illegible on a standard definition television which, when coupled with the rapidity said text appears then disappears, renders it all but impossible to see who owes how much to whom IN A MONOPOLY GAME. The game is missing a warning label emphatically stating: MUST BE PLAYED ON AN HDTV.


Strike 3: The focus on flashy graphics and fun things rapidly appearing on the screen in no way enhances a player

For starters, players have the choice to begin a game on either a standard board (i.e. the classic model) or the new

When you land on a property, a tiny property card appears on the left side of the screen. This is an exact duplicate of the board game

As such, I spent a long time as the leader of my first game because, as luck would have it, I wasn

Is there much to recommend this game? Not really, no. If you


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