MLB 10: The Show Review

MLB 09: The Show did a fantastic job of bringing Major League Baseball to life on the PlayStation 3

The next big feature, based on the complaints of the previous game, is a full pull-and-replace of the networking code.  The folks at Sony heard your very valid complaints of lag and connectivity issues and have cut the amount of data being passed to and from the client, as well as introducing a network congestion algorithm meant to help reduce connectivity issues.  Admittedly, this is something that I The mirror to the pitcher is obviously the catcher, and they

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Additionally, we did run into two animation oddities during play.  During one play I popped a foul ball backwards, bouncing off the wall behind me.  At that point the ball became possessed and almost impossible to catch, clearly defying physics with its dance.  Similarly, some of the signature animations of the players came out somewhat odd.  We only saw the physics issue once, and the animation oddities were few and far between.  In fact, I

Another voiced complaint was that essentially anyone was able to take up a bat and crush homers all day in the Home Run Derby mode.  With the stat system given a great deal of attention in MLB 10, the batting system feels a bit more like it is based on the skill of the batter and doesn

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