Just Cause 2 Review

Rico Rodriguez fled across the highway, and the policeman followed. Bullets nipped at Rico

For the geeks among us, there are countless

There is a sort of deceptive brilliance at work here. For starters, Rico never seems to question whether overthrowing this ruler will actually result in anything beneficial for the Panauans. True, the dictator

It helps that gamers have the tools available to properly explore the world. Some fuss has been made about ammunition management being critical, but that misses the point. You have a grappling hook that can literally interact with anything in the game. Why worry about a lack of bullets when you can grapple out of an attack, swing over to a mounted gun, kill the gunner with your grappling hook, then pick up the gun to mow down your enemies? From an action standpoint, it

Where the game really trips up is in completion tasks. You can achieve 100% completion in each village, city, or military base by destroying all the marked equipment and finding hidden caches of tools and money. Fair enough. It may seem repetitive (and it is), but as far as tasks go that

One other nitpick is with vehicle handling. This may be the only game in recorded history where the controls feel better when you

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