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The first thing that catches your eye before you actually try any product out is how good it looks. This is no different when it comes to gaming chairs, and in an oversaturated market, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd! Well here comes AndaSeat, a Chinese based gaming chair company that plenty of professional Esports teams such as Fnatic use as their official sponsor. Their newest line of products, the Kaiser 3 gaming chair, not only looks fashionable but also boasts comfort and quality to create an ergonomic throne that could very well be the king of gaming chairs.

This is my first ever legitimate gaming chair, as my previous chair was some used generic office one from a long forgotten yard sale. Even though I don’t really have a basis of comparison with other similar models on the market, I can confidently say that the Kaiser 3 is the most comfortable chair I’ve ever sat in. The sturdiness and the unparalleled comfort combined with the sleek style of the overall design never fails to get me excited just to sit in it after a long day at work.

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As a 6 foot, 170 pound male, I sit more than comfortably on the Kaiser 3 chair, with plenty of room to spare. Note that the unit I’m reviewing is the Large, which supports gamers from 4’11 to 6’2 and up to 260 pounds. But they also have an Extra Large variant that supports up to 395 lbs and is best suited for those that are between 5’11 and 6’8 tall. This is quite a heavy chair, weighing in at around 63 pounds for the Large version, but that also means it’s extremely sturdy! This is exactly what I need a chair to be, well built and cozy.

I’m torn when it comes to the assembly process for the Kaiser 3, because on one hand, AndaSeat made it extremely simplified, with minimal parts to install and plenty of quality of life features. Included in the box is a fantastic user manual that is filled with crystal clear instructions and colored pictures, and comes in several different languages. You do not need any external tools as an allen wrench comes included in the box, which is a huge plus. Parts are clearly labeled and packaged, and it was simple enough to distinguish them from one another. Many parts are also attached magnetically, meaning no tools are needed and you just need to snap it on!

However, on the other hand, the screws needed to connect the backrest to the actual seat cushion were designed extremely poorly, and took me over an hour playing guess and check to get it to fit in correctly. There are 4 screws, 2 on each side, to secure the backrest to the recline bracket, and one of the holes needed to secure the screws was blocked by the leather padding on the actual seat. This made it near impossible to align and tighten the screw to the point where I was about to give up after nearly an hour of trying to fit it in perfectly. Aside from this frustrating moment, the rest of the installation process was stress free and straightforward.

Regardless of my experience with my particular unit, I have to commend AndaSeat for providing great support on their website, with an entire page dedicated to assembling and disassembling their products accompanied by YouTube videos and visual guides. They also have great customer service and a strong social media presence, so rest assured that someone will be able to help you out if you have any troubles. Oh did I also mention that you can assemble this beast of a chair by yourself?

Aside from looking sleek and professional, the Kaiser 3 also comes with a slew of ergonomic features, most notably lumbar support. There are two knobs, one on each side of the chair, that adjusts how much back support you want and how high or low you want it on the seat. I do wish the knobs were better labeled, as I keep forgetting which knob is for the actual support and which is for changing the verticality, but I should memorize them in due time. The Kaiser 3 also includes a detachable magnetic memory foam neck pillow with cooling gel that you can attach near the top of the chair. The pillow itself is a bit hard, but it’s all up to personal preference at the end of the day.

Of course the chair also comes with the classic option of adjusting the vertical height up and down, as well as tilting the chair backwards up to 165 degrees horizontally. Heck, you can turn the chair into a bed if you really wanted to. I believe the armrests need a special mention, as not only are they attachable magnetically, they also have quite an extensive range of motion. They can be raised up and down, and you can angle them inwards or outwards to varying degrees, depending on your personal preference. They can also slide forward and backward, much like the center console armrest of a car. My only complaint is that the magnets on the armrest aren’t super strong and you can accidentally lift them out of their socket, but the versatility of their functions more than make up for it.

The particular model of the Kaiser 3 I was sent for review was the one made with Duraxtra bonded PVC artificial leather, which strikes a great balance between comfort and style. The material gives the perfect amount of stickiness to it so that I’m not sliding off of it when I sit on it nor am I glued to it with no give. I am also an owner of a cat, and it’s a huge plus that her fur doesn’t get stuck on the material of the chair whenever she decides to cuddle up on it. There undoubtedly is some fur that remains on the chair, but I found that using a simple lint roller gets the job done quickly.

The chair is supported by a five-star wheel base and PU-coated casters to ensure smooth mobility on both carpet and hardwood floors, which provides convenience for those who need to move around when seated. It is a bit harder to navigate on carpet though, so keep that in mind.

What’s awesome is that the chair comes in a whopping 9 color options: robin egg blue, cloudy white, creamy pink, bentley brown, blaze orange, elegant black, classic maroon, carbon black, and ash gray. Aside from the Duraxtra PVC leather material, it can also be customized to be made with linen fabric or an anti-stain PU leather. In a world where most office chairs are black and boring, it’s nice that you can snag yourself a chair that expresses some personality and color.

Now I’m far from being an expert in the gaming chair market, but the Kaiser 3 does come at a hefty cost, with the Large version being $499.99 and the Extra Large version being $549.99 MSRP. There is a sale going on for the holidays right now that drops the price down a bit, but it’s still undoubtedly quite a lot of money. That being said, there is a 2 year warranty on all AndaSeat products which you can then extend to 5 years if you post a review of the product and share pictures on social media.

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The AndaSeat Kaiser 3 gaming chair is a top tier option for both gamers and professionals alike as it offers a blend of comfort, style, and functionality. The quality construction, ergonomic functions, and sleek design more than justify its high price point, especially for those that spend most of their days at a desk. Whether you’re one for marathon gaming sessions or productivity-focused work, the Kaiser 3 sits at the top of the gaming chair throne.

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