The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout Anthology delayed to January 2024

Forthright Entertainment and Soma Games announced a slight delay for their upcoming Anthology based on the book series REDWALL. The new release date is January 30, 2024, but that isn’t the only content they have planned. The Lost Legends of Redwall: Feast and Friends will also be dropping the same day. More details on the announcement are down below!

“The Lost Legends of Redwall™: The Scout Anthology” is a narrative puzzle-driven adventure game coming to PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC with a whole cast of characters, vivid locations, visuals, and enhancements for the current generation of action-adventure fans.


·        A narrative-Rich Adventure game set in the universe inspired by the REDWALL™ book series.

·        Follow Your Nose! A unique scent mechanic allows for dynamic, multifaceted fun.

·        Puzzles Galore includes cryptic riddles and mysteries to unfold.

·        Rich Dialogue mechanics! Learn how to speak to everyone, understanding their hopes and fears…your life may depend on it.

·        Visual and lighting enhancements, and functionality updates for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

“The Lost Legends of Redwall™: Feast & Friends” will also be coming to Steam on the 30th of January 2024 featuring characters from the series.

Embark alongside Scout Chef Rootsworth on his journey to become the finest cook in Mossflower Wood.


·        Chop, simmer and serve your way through iconic locations, from the humble villages of Lilygrove to the Badgers Lord’s stronghold of Salamandastron.

·        Impress the master cooks of Redwall Abbey and you may just be invited to join the chefs of the famous Nameday feast.

·        Feast and Friends offers a nuanced cooking sandbox in which recipes are yours to follow, ignore, or reinvent as you choose.

·        Cook for a cast of rich characters eager to share their stories, or simply experiment in the free-play kitchen to your heart’s content.

·        Send foragers out to refill the pantry cupboards or trade with travelling merchants for rare finds.

·        Prepare meals for fun with intuitive controls, with heat, seasoning and ingredients at your fingertips.

·        Discover pescatarian, vegetarian and vegan recipes you can make at home.

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