Stone Blade Entertainment rides high this year with Soulforge: Fusion and Ascension Tactics

Earlier this year at GAMA Expo we got to spend some time with Justin Gary, the CEO of Stone Blade Entertainment and creator of the Ascension deck-building game series, and he was very excited to show us his two latest games, as well as tenth anniversary edition of Stone Blade’s first game release.

First up, Solforge: Fusion, his collaboration with Richard Garfield. Calling it the “first hybrid deck-building game”, Justin walked us through the basics and gave us a little hands-on demo:

GAMA Expo 22⏤Fast-paced combat and quick deck upgrades set this hybrid deck-builder apart

Next, we took a look at the retail version of Ascension Tactics, which combines the strategic deck-building and lore of Ascension with tactical miniature combat:

GAMA Expo 22⏤Ascension Tactics: Two great tastes that taste great together!

Finally, he reassured us that his original deck-builder Ascension wasn’t going anywhere, giving us a rundown of the new 10 year Anniversary Ascension set, hinting at further announcements for the game to come soon:

GAMA Expo 22⏤Justin Gary on Ascension 10 Year Anniversary and how it's better than the original

We’re hoping to get some more time with Justin in a couple of weeks during Gen Con, stay tuned to Gaming Trend for further news on all of these games and more!

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