Gaming Trend Podcast: Nostalgia is a hell of a thing

Normally when the GT Reboot Podcast experiences technical issues we damn these broken shows to “the abyss,” but not this week loyal listeners.

Instead, we opted to break the show in half, sprinkle a little transitional music in there, and pick it up the next day. For the first half of the show, Kenneth and Eric are joined by Matt Welsh and Travis Northup to talk the revisionist history surrounding the Zelda series, revisiting Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow 20 years after the fact, and briefly get to talk about the latest controversy surrounding The Division.

After the cut, Kenneth and Eric finish off the show by talking about the circumstances surrounding Uncharted 4’s third delay, the recent wave of departures from the E3 showfloor, and how damaging nostalgia can be to critiquing games, movies, and other mediums.

Enjoy the show!


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