Gaming Trend Podcast: It might get weird

Travis Northup has returned to the third chair for this episode of the GT Reboot Podcast, and things fall apart just as quickly as you’d expect them to in that scenario.

Eric and Kenneth are joined by Travis and Josh Devlin as we talk about everything but the new episode of Tales from the Borderlands. Travis goes into meticulous detail to describe what an F1 car looks like, Kenneth has amnesia but is accompanied by attractive anime men, Josh is having none of Trine 3’s collectible puns, and Eric is too tied up in embargoes to talk about what he’s playing.

On the news docket we weigh in on Persona 5’s ambiguous 2015 release window, the inclusion of Big Hero 6 in Kingdom Hearts III, and the lack of EA Access on PlayStation 4.

Enjoy the show!


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