Gaming Trend Podcast – Get the Picture?

Hello gamers, and welcome to this week’s Gaming Trend Podcast! Steam’s Big Picture Mode has recently gone from beta to full public release, and in this week’s episode, Jeff and David discuss the implications of Big Picture on the future of PC gaming. Will Big Picture usher in a new era of couch-based computer gaming, or is it all wishful thinking?

Also on this week’s podcast, David discusses his favorite game and greatest disappointment of the year as well as his preview of stealth/action/RPG Dark . The Last of Us gets a release date, Capcom is (finally) showing some Mega Man love with Mega Man X Street Fighter, and more are revealed on this weeks podcast, so be sure to tune in!

00:00 – Introduction
00:25 – What David’s playing: Hotline Miami
04:40 – What Jeff’s playing: Divinity Collection, The Witcher
12:15 – David’s favorite game of the year: The Walking Dead
16:55 – David’s most disappointing game: Assassin’s Creed 3
24:10 – Company of Heroes 2 Developer Diary
29:35 – Creative Assembly gets Warhammer License
32:15 – Capcom announces Mega Man X Street Fighter
34:00 – Sony announces The Last of Us release date
37:50 – Preview: Dark
49:05 – Versus Mode: Steam Big Picture

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Correction–Dark is expected to be released in late April 2013,  not March 2013 as stated in the podcast

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