Gaming Trend Podcast 09//12//2013–Tower Jam! (Featuring Maddy Myers)

rapunzel_towerThis week the Gaming Trend Podcast gets on its feminist hat because it just hates all the men-folk out there.  In order to better oppress men everywhere, Atlas, David, and Matt are joined by a special guest: Maddy Myers!  With Maddy the Gaming Trend Podcast discusses the Ouya, the PS Vita TV, and Maddy’s latest project: Tower Jam!  Give it a listen and then head over to start making your own game for the jam!  Once you’ve done that, leave a comment below or leave a comment on iTunes!  If you like the show and want to hear more awesome interviews, subscribe to the show on your podcatcher of choice, or send us tips at [email protected]!

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[00:00]:     What We’re Playing
[16:10]:     All-star game developers join forces to form new studio: Hinterland
[17:15]:     PS Vita TV discussion (with some Ouya and iOS thrown in)
[26:20]:     Japan won’t get a PS4 this year
[28:15]:     Tower Jam discussion with Maddy Myers

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Podcast produced by Atlas Burke. All music taken from Mega Man 2.  The Penis is evil!

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