Gaming Trend Podcast 01/29/2014 — Nintendoom?

Nintendo wrapped up their yearly investor conference, and let loose some interesting tidbits. Atlas sighs heavily as David and Matt discuss what this could mean for the beleaguered developer of whimsy. We also discuss the massive EVE Online battle, the ridiculousness of Battlefield 4’s upcoming Player Appreciation Month, and the atrocities of in-app purchases in classic games.

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[00:00] What we’re playing
[30:20] EVEpocalypse — Massive EVE Online battle took place over the last week, 75 Titans destroyed
[42:15] Nintendo Investor Call
[55:45] Namco Bandai borked Tales of Phantasia with IAP
[58:10] Far Cry 4 probably exists?
[01:00:20] Battlefield 4 announces Player Appreciation Month
[01:07:45] Microsoft buys Gears of War


Podcast produced by Atlas Burke.  All music taken from Mega Man 2

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