Gaming Trend GOTY 2014 Podcast

Game of the year coverage can get a bit repetitive, and reading list after list is interesting, but there’s also other ways to really convey the year as a whole. We decided to do something new this year and record our deliberations, in podcast form, for our GOTY coverage!

Sadly, we didn’t capture our site top 10 discussions (spoilers: there was a lot of disagreement between Smash and Dragon Age for the top spot), but we did record myself, David Roberts, Niko DelValle and Kenneth Shepard debating the winners for our category awards!

It’s a long one, but I promise that it is well worth your time. Featured in this show: several discussions of Danganronpa spoilers, the beauty of Shadow of Mordor’s nemesis system, learning about the layout of trains and profound confusion at Niko’s lack of appreciation for 24.

Without further ado, the strange journey that is our 2014 GOTY Category Deliberation Podcast!


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