Episode 036: Video Games Of 2020

This week Erica Echlin and Jon Miller are back in person to talk about the games in 2020 everyone at Gaming Trend loved!

– How many times will Jon say Umurangi like that today?
– MS Flight Simulator is brought to you by Bing Maps, because Google wanted too much.
– So do we hate The Last of Us part II or do we love it…
– While I’m not a Stonk daddy, I love pretending I am.
– Does the SEC think Elon is a cult leader or what?
– Join and continue the discussion on Discord here discord.gg/Yj6fQgy

Gaming Trend Podcast hostess with the mostest. Erica has overseen many podcasts with great success, in her spare time she loves to cover conventions and travel. While see loves all video games she has a special place in her heart for retro gaming.

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