Episode 035: House Of Danger Ch.5

Erica Echlin, Jon Miller, and Justin Corbett return to the Marsden Mansion in Z-man games’ Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger to fight ghosts’ and help the alien ambassador.

-20 minutes to save the world…sounds like a regular Tuesday night.
-Who you gonna call? The aspiring psychic investigator!!!
-Wait, were all these monkeys able to talk this whole time?
-If Super Mario has taught me anything its to eat random mushrooms.
-Its about to get lit with these UFO strobe lights.
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Gaming Trend Podcast hostess with the mostest. Erica has overseen many podcasts with great success, in her spare time she loves to cover conventions and travel. While see loves all video games she has a special place in her heart for retro gaming.

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