Rob Daviau and Isaac Childres on how they collaborate on Return to Dark Tower

Rob Daviau and Isaac Childress are two giants in the board gaming community, and in some ways they couldn’t be more different.  Rob Daviau started at Hasbro in 1998 as a writer for Trivial Pursuit and Taboo.  He has had his hand in designing games like Star Wars: The Queen’s Gambit, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Fireball Island, Heroscape, and Risk 2210 A.D.  He also practically created a new genre when he designed Risk Legacy and assisted with both seasons of Pandemic Legacy, Ultimate Werewolf Legacy, and Betrayal Legacy.  Isaac’s tenure started in 2015 with Forge War.  He took the world by storm with Gloomhaven, leading to a large number of Game of the Year awards.  Now these two are designing the upcoming Return to Dark Tower from Restoration Games.  Listen to them describe how they collaborate and how Return to Dark Tower is coming together.


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