Restoration Games looking at establishing a “second track” of manufacturing domestically due to continued pipeline woes

When we spoke with President of Restoration Games Justin Jacobson at Gen Con last month, he told us that the company “got very lucky” and was able to weather the issues brought on by the pandemic last year, but that they are still having difficulty getting reprints of their current product line as it sells out. He has an idea on how to alleviate some of the pain brought about by current foreign logistics:

One of the things we’re looking to do is to do some of that manufacturing domestically, to cut out some of that logistics chain.Obviously the domestic manufacturers are not quite up to par with, uh, the Chinese manufacturers in particular, so there’s things you just can’t do in the United States, so we’re, we are looking at some titles, say like, ‘what is a title we can print domestically?’ and we’re looking for some of those titles to do in the next year or two, so that we’ve always got, sort of, a separate track that we can go on with some releases to make sure we’re getting product out on a regular basis, uh, that we can count on without worrying about some of these hiccups that might be happening in the international chain.

Considering how quickly the Deadpool set sold out, and a Kickstarter for Thunder Road on the horizon, international manufacturing and shipping logistics are the number one problem in the current boom in demand for tabletop games. If Restoration and other companies can figure out how to ease that pain without sacrificing quality, we could see a significant shift in not only the types of games that hit shelves, but how quickly they are brought to market.

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