An interview with Tom Happ and Dan Adelman on Axiom Verge

Last week, I got the chance to (virtually) sit down with Tom Happ and Dan Adelman, the two-man team behind today’s hot indie release, Axiom Verge. I had played a great deal of it and really enjoyed it, so I was very excited to pick their brains on the game.

What followed was a fascinating discussion of retro influences, speedrunning, and what it’s like to develop a game by yourself. Tom put a lot of work into this game, and Dan saw that work and understood just how to get it out there to the public. As we discuss what’s next for Tom Happ Games at the end of the podcast, the answer is vague: future ports? A prequel? Axiom Verge 2? Disneyland? But I guarantee whatever it is, these two have all the skills to make it something special.

Take a listen below, and check out Axiom Verge, currently available on the Playstation Store for PS4, with PC and Vita ports on their way.


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