Major V Day IV takeaways — Possibly the greatest esports comeback of all time

There are a lot of things that make Major V one of the best esports competitions to ever be watched. Fans were back for the first time, there were big upsets like the bottom four Seattle Surge defeating the best team in the game in Atlanta Faze. But nothing, oh nothing, will beat how ridiculous of a comeback we watched in the Grand Finals. Before we get to that, let’s take a look at the last day of the Call Of Duty League regular season and pick a few things from it.

  • Dallas Empire had it’s worst Major V performance at the worst possible time. Empire just can’t get over the hump this year, playing well for stretches but being outclassed in the end. This time they went home possibly a bit earlier than expected, but the big surprise was last years MVP Shotzzy who was -24 in the kill feed. There are a lot of ways you lose, but dying that many more times than you slay won’t help.
  • The same thing can kind of be said for Chicago Optic, except that they managed to at least get one match further than Empire. Optic had everything going for them, momentum from the first game, a crowd and online viewership that were clearly Optic fans (The live stream on YouTube dropped by nearly 50k viewers after they lost), and Envoy had just shut down last years MVP to the tune of 30+ kills on the match. Just like Empire however, they faltered to Toronto Ultra in 3-1 fashion, and again Formal peed the bed in -25 kills fashion. Sometimes thems just the breaks, but it certainly feels like if one of Optic can’t get out of a funk it drags the whole team down.
  • As for Toronto Ultra, this is a pain they are never going to forget. How in the world do you go up 4-0 in a best of 9 games and get reverse swept? The one positive to take away from this one is that Insight is clearly an MVP caliber player to keep alongside flexgod Cammy, and he rolled through the match with a +41 kill stat line. The good news? They left with their hold on second place in Champs secured over Dallas.
  • THE MAJOR V CHAMPION MINNESOTA ROKKR! As soon as they beat Empire, you just felt something special was going on. I mean, even when they beat Faze in the first round it felt different, but the second win really solidified that this team was going to be hard to beat. I’m sure everyone wrote them off as soon as they went down 3-0 in the Grand Finals, and I know I didn’t think they had a shot down 4-0. But we witnessed possibly the greatest reverse sweep comeback in esports history with Rokkr winning five straight maps to take home the Major V title. This team is going to be dangerous at Champs, because they will never count themselves out ever. Coming back in a regular match down 0-2 is tough, but what these talented guys did borders on the impossible. Congratulations Kings of the North, and congratulations to Standy, who won Player of the Stage.

Normally we’d have the next video to watch for you down below, but as this Major is over, we have to simply wait for August 19th, the start of Champs (schedule below) and where some incredible storylines are yet to be written. We will at least leave you with the bracket, as well as Standy’s epic Player of the Stage card. Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for more coverage of the Call Of Duty League!

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