Call Of Duty League 2022 Major II/Championship Sunday takeaways — Los Angeles Guerrillas complete a magical run

The Cinderella story is complete! The Los Angeles Guerrillas are your Call Of Duty League Major II presented by Mountain Dew champions! It was a very long road to get here… seriously, there were so many 3-2s, but the underdog got their first ring since their inception in the CDL. Atlanta Faze unfortunately crumbled under the pressure of this passionate and energized LAG squad, but you can’t deny the outstanding matchups we watched on Championship Sunday. Check out what we thought about every match of the day below!

Boston Breach vs Atlanta Faze

  • That was a bit embarrassing. The last standing green team bowed out of the winners bracket early, unable to stand up to the fury of Faze. Boston came in with the higher seed and looked better throughout the Major qualifiers, but they still have yet to beat Atlanta this season.
  • There were several moments you saw Atlanta’s poise where some of Boston’s inexperience both together and as a roster shone through. One was a few of the S&D rounds, with the biggest one being the 1v2 from Arcitys. Nero wasn’t sure what to do when Arcitys killed his last remaining teammate, and hopped off the defuse with barely any time to do so, waiting for the push. Arcitys made the veteran play and held just long enough, and Nero probably didn’t have the time even if Arcitys didn’t push him after.
  • The Control loss seems like the other real whiff by Boston. Kudos to Faze for icing up down 2-0, but if you’re Breach that should have been easy to finish. I mean, they needed a round to Faze’s three. Not only did they lose a defense, Faze managed to take back the defensive round 5 to send Boston home.
Winners Finals | Boston Breach vs @AtlantaFaZe | RØKKR Major II | Day 4

  • That opening Gavutu Hardpoint was simply dominated by Atlanta, who have this one cleanly in their rotation next to Bocage HP as a near guaranteed win. They were up by nearly 150 at one point, and even added trapping teams at P3 in their repertoire.
  • Simp and Arcitys went to work in the Desert Siege S&D. Finishing 9/6 and 10/6 respectively, they didn’t allow the same 4-2 up comebacks we watched happen yesterday that made things scary. Instead we saw some extremely smart plays from Faze, who are at their best when they can use their game sense to win. Besides Arcitys 1v2 for the victory, Simp’s ninja defuse was another reminder of how decisive and intelligent this team is when it counts.
  • Maybe they didn’t deserve that Tuscan Control win, but heads up plays grabbed the dub. None were more important than aBeZy’s, who ran rampant in this one 42/29 for +13 kills and a 1.45 KD. It wasn’t just that he was frying, it was the 31 non-traded kills that kept Boston frustrated and either off or away from the point. Cellium’s 23 non-traded on 26 kills were right behind it.

Florida Mutineers vs Los Angeles Guerrillas

  • This is further than where Florida has made it this year, and probably further than they thought they’d get. But it’s unfortunate that they lost this versus a substitute, even if Spart is playing lights out. The Mutineers took out Optic, yet struggled in the final map after being up 4-1. Maybe it’s that COD luck they got versus London coming back to haunt them, who knows, but it sucks.
  • Even though they lost, this team played really well. They 100 point clubbed LAG on Gavutu, they made some clutch plays in the Control, and they reversed the awful Desert Siege they had versus Boston by just being competitive. It was a good showing by a team that’s been marred with inconsistency.
  • Davpadie might have had his coming out party at this event. He played well throughout the Major, but today he dropped +19 kills, a 1.30 KD, and was a big reason they took a lead initially in the Desert Siege S&D with 7 straight kills, including an insane 1v4 that he almost clutched (bomb got defused as he killed the defuser).
Elimination Round 4 | @LAGuerrillas vs @MiamiHeretics | RØKKR Major II | Day 4

  • You can’t write a story like this one. One of your starters goes down, can’t compete in your last match and then you find out he won’t be around for the Major. Spart comes in, and to be honest, he doesn’t look great versus Optic, but who would. In the Major he changes the gun meta with the Volk, and makes some huge plays to pull this team to the elimination finals. They aren’t a perfect team, but they are hot right now.
  • They didn’t look good in certain situations, but the Guerrillas took the maps they needed. Both Gavutus didn’t look that great, although they were close on the Control. Beyond that, the slaying didn’t go their way even when they won, which is a bit mind-blowing. Maybe it’s having a sub in, but they have to clean that up to compete for chips.
  • That being said, Spart is the reason they took the Search and Destroys. He was 11/6 on the Tuscan, and he started 0-5 before erupting for an 8-3 finish in the final 6 rounds. His push into mid-Trench to take out Vivid on Desert Siege in the round 11 single-handedly opened up the map.

Los Angeles Guerrillas vs Boston Breach

  • S&D literally wins championships, or at leasts gets you there. I wouldn’t have called LAG pulling this one off against a Boston team that’s really good at Search and Destroy, but that final map sent them to the Grand Finals. They combined for a 12-3 round count in this one, which is insanely impressive, along with a 6 win spree in the mode during this run.
  • I’m not sure how they did this considering their best player got outslayed heavily. Beyond clutching the Berlin HardPoint due to their AR’s playing lights out, no one beyond SlasheR had a great day at the office, and Asim was -24 kills. You don’t win many of those, but the Guerrillas are red hot right now.
  • Allowing Breach back into the game on the Control was a big uh-oh for LAG. Boston isn’t a great team in this mode yet they dominated by 25 kills, almost an entire round’s worth. That was certainly good enough to grab the round 5 win, so they’ve got to clean it up.
Elimination Finals | @LAGuerrillas vs Boston Breach | RØKKR Major II | Day 4

  • Boston wasn’t really all that bad, they just failed in a mode they should be phenomenal at. The shakiness in S&D aside, they outslayed the Guerrillas by 21, although some of that is the Control that was more one-sided than the 3-2 score looked. It’s crazy that usually the shoe is on the other foot for the Breach, and when they finally get a few more kills they’re the ones going home.
  • With all of that, you can’t point to an overall KD ratio that cost Boston, because Methodz was frying yet again and the rookies were solid. You have to look to the S&Ds, where the ARs owned them and sent them all home with negative kills between both maps. Also, Cap, don’t shoot Thanos’ body in the first round. That was a mistake.
  • For this Boston squad, you can at least bow out with your head held high and plenty of VOD to look over. You had a fantastic Major II, and if they can clean up some of their play along S&D and Control they’ll be right back in the mix. Also, just keep feeding Methodz whatever you’re feeding him, dude is on another level right now.

Atlanta Faze vs Los Angeles Guerrillas

  • I’ll be honest, most of us wrote off all four teams left in the tournament as soon as Faze 3-0ed Boston at the beginning of the day. Then you have LAG pop in with a substitute, and they immediately lose a Gavutu Hardpoint with Atlanta on point. That was literally the only map where Faze looked like they knew what they were doing, because even the Tuscan Control (the only other map they won), looked like they hung on for dear life.
  • I’m getting a lot of shades of the Atlanta Faze team we saw back in Modern Warfare. They’re fantastic, they make it to the finals, but they lose as many as they win (although they have yet to win one this season). The only difference here would be how teams can make them so uncomfortable in this game. I’m not sure how it’s so easy to get under their skin, maybe it’s the mechanics or stylings of the Vanguard/MW engine, but as soon as you knock this Faze team off their game the match can be chalked. I’m not going to take anything from LAG, they played phenomenal and came in red hot. But Faze dropped a prime opportunity to add another one to the trophy case here.
  • As has been mentioned by several of the team, their teamwork was not there. This happens too often to Faze, and I wonder if at times they tend to trust their individual skill more than the guys around them when under pressure. Case in point, one metric that immediately shows me this is aBeZy getting stomped, going negative by 32 kills. As the route man, he’s always gonna fly at the other team, but no one was there to back him up by the looks of things. It’s one thing to create an opportunity with you death, getting information or setting up the trade, it’s another to throw away your life, and that happened a lot.
Major Finals | @LAGuerrillas vs @AtlantaFaZe | RØKKR Major II | Day 4

  • For LAG, this run is one of the greatest ever, maybe only topped by Minnesota’s miracle reverse sweep versus Toronto in last year’s Major V Grand Finals. I’d have written them off after the 3-0, but they adjusted and fought tooth and nail with every squad, beating all of them from then on to claim the Major II crown. The teamwork was magnificent, the passion on display, and the gunny hitting everything in sight. They are COMPLETELY and DESERVEDLY the Major II champs, and all due to their incredible efforts.
  • If I had to point to the catalyst behind this one, it was momentum. Los Angeles got red hot after they 3-0ed the Ravens, and that confidence never stopped. The “it’s never chalked” mentality was apparent, with them going toe to toe in three separate 3-2s before exploding in the 5-2 win over Faze. Beyond that, the S&D prowess to set a Call Of Duty League record of 9 straight wins in the mode won them the championship.
  • Huke waking up also catapulted this team onwards. If you’re going to win versus Faze, it’s imperative you shut down the Tiny Terrors, and while Asim did well in that role, Huke’s +24 kills and 1.24 KD brought home the victory. SlasheR also chipped in with a valuable +17, and Thanos got another stone to add to his collection. Oh, and Spart? If he doesn’t stick on LAG, there is no way teams aren’t banging down the door for him.

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