Hey. Hey. Do you wanna make a funnel cake? — Hearthstone Innkeeper’s Tavern Cookbook

In finding out about the existence of a Hearthstone Cookbook, I knew I needed to have it. Recipes from Azeroth? Yes please! In exploring the cookbook, it’s clear that many of these recipes are inspired by classic bar food with a magical twist. So I decided to try out a handful of these recipes, and see how they turned out. I picked two drinks, two bar snacks, and one dessert to test, and the results were a journey full of interesting twists and delicious turns.

Now, full disclosure—I am not a genius cook, and I am definitely not a professional photographer. However, I am a gamer who enjoys following new and interesting recipes. I decided to journey down this hole to see what treats lay ahead and to bring a bit of the Innkeeper’s magic into my own home.


Tauren Tippler

A Creamy Cocktail with Brandy & Irish Creme

I started off with this drink, a classic creamy drink. Featuring a good amount of alcohol mixed with milk and creamer, it was a pleasant treat. It tasted surprisingly strong, but in a good way—the Irish cream didn’t hide behind the milk. However, it was also quite a bit heavier than expected—perfect for a long day’s work in Thunder Bluff. However, I am not part cow, and therefore I couldn’t have more than one in a night.

Just remember, as the Innkeeper writes in his cookbook: “Whatever you do, don’t ask where the milk comes from.”

Rating: Two Horns Up


A Beer Cocktail Featuring Brandy, Lime Juice, and Simple Syrup

This was, without a doubt, the best thing I made from the Hearthstone cookbook. The recipe called for a Stout or Porter, and I unfortunately live near a severely understocked Ralphs, so I had only one choice–Guinness. Some may call this heresy, and I was honestly worried it might not come out well as I’ve consumed some simple disgusting beer cocktails before. Luckily, it turned out to be absolutely delicious! The lime juice and brown sugar simple syrup added a sense of enchantment to the Guinness.

Rating: Five Infested Minions ( the highest compliment)


Unleash the Corn Dogs

Savory Corn Dog Muffins

This recipe was right up my alley. I have always had a soft spot for corn dogs. I used to keep a box full of frozen Foster Farms corn dogs in my freezer in college (true story), and it had been a while since I last indulged, so I decided to try out these corn dog muffins! I substituted turkey hot dogs for beef ones (I prefer the taste of turkey), and I used a full size muffin tin as I could not find a mini muffin tin in time.

Despite these small changes, the recipe turned out beautifully! The larger muffins meant the hot dogs disappeared, making them being akin to a savory surprise in every bite! My cat clearly agreed, as he stole one when I wasn’t looking, leaving me to discover a half eaten muffin days later. (Thank you, Nicholai.)

As you can tell from the photos, I definitely should have taken them out of the oven a minute or two earlier. The outside got a little toasted, but they were still excellent! However, they were a lot of work. When I next make these, I’ll likely go for a pre-made cornbread mix. It was a fun experience making them from scratch, but also a lot more work for little payoff.

Rating: Three Satiated Felhounds

SI: 7 Toast

A Cheesy Beer Toast

It seems the secrets of this particular dish have remained within SI:7, as I could not figure this one out. It seemed simple enough at first—make an egg/beer/cheese concoction on the stove, spread it on bread, and bake! I don’t know how it went so wrong without me realizing it.

Did I add too much beer? Too much Worcestershire? Did I overcook the egg on the stove? I cannot say. It was a mess. However, I will admit it was a pretty delicious mess, as the mustard, worcestershire sauce, and cheese created a nice flavor profile. A part of me wants to try again, but I’m honestly not sure I could get it to fluff up properly.

Rating: One Missing SI:7 Agent

Refreshment Vendor’s Funnel Cake

Simple Fried Golden Cakes

Of course, I couldn’t try out this book without testing out a Hearthstone classic. And this recipe did not disappoint! A bit of cinnamon (and some devilsaur eggs) added the perfect flavor to the batter, creating the best at-home funnel cake I’ve had (and I’ve oddly made a lot of funnel cakes in my day).

I didn’t own a funnel, so I cut the corner off of a ziplock bag to create a makeshift funnel, and it worked perfectly. A few minutes in some oil, a dash of powdered sugar, and I had myself a delicious and surprisingly easy treat. These fluffy golden medallions were the perfect end to my time in Azeroth.

Rating: Three Huckster’s Tricks

And that ends my journey through the Innkeeper’s Cookbook—for now at least. There are a lot more fascinating cocktails, each of which has a fantastic twist. If you feel like working your way through this book, you can pick up a copy on Amazon.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Maddy has been addicted to video games since watching her dad play The Secret of Monkey Island when she was 5 years old (though it took her another 14 years to finish the game). In addition to playing video games, she's a proud cat mom, a lover of bad jokes and dark eyeliner, and a terror on the dodgeball court. Maddy is currently pursuing her MBA at UCLA Anderson and starting in June, she will be interning at Riot Games with the Player Growth department.

Hey. Hey. Do you wanna make a funnel cake? — Hearthstone Innkeeper’s Tavern Cookbook

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