Your Gaming Trend 2023 Summer Gaming Guide!

Every summer you sit there with money in your pocket to burn, and with many activities to spend it on. If you’re like me, however, you don’t really want to spend it outside. Instead, you can clear out your backlog of amazing gaming stuff, and there’s been some fantastic experiences so far in 2023. Below are a bunch of those, so just take your pick!

Those June Pre-Orders

Street Fighter 6 [XB/PS/PC]:

Street Fighter 6 Demo Gameplay - PS5 [Gaming Trend]

Jack Zustiak and Abdul Saad said, “Street Fighter 6 takes the series to the next stage with a wildly fun fighting system that emphasizes personal choice. Each mainline Street Fighter tends to define its era of fighting games in some way, and Street Fighter 6 confidently steps forward to that next era. From its battle system to its bevvy of modes such as World Tour, it dives deep into everything that makes fighting games great.”

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Diablo IV [XB/PS/PC]:

Ron Burke and co. said, “Diablo IV represents a massive shift for the series, moving to a more inclusive and open world that is somehow as inviting for new players as returning veterans. Complexity is mixed with flexibility to create a game that is sure to consume you for hundreds if not thousands of hours. Diablo IV is the game we’ve been waiting for, and a return to form for the Blizzard team.”

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Final Fantasy XVI (16) [PS]:

Final Fantasy XVI Preview - PS5 [Gaming Trend]

David Flynn said, “Recently, I was invited to New York City to play around five hours of the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI. I am a massive fan of FF and had high hopes for XVI. From the little I’ve allowed myself to watch of trailers and gameplay, it looks like an RPG version of Devil May Cry; how could I not be excited as heck for a combination of two of my favorite games? I’m here to tell you that even those expectations were blown out of the water. I try my best not to give into hype cycles, so I am not being hyperbolic when I say this game is going to be incredible.”

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The Ones You Have To Have

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom [SWITCH]:

David Flynn said, “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a wondrous adventure that somehow makes exploring the same Hyrule magical again. The returning Zelda tropes aren’t quite at their strongest yet and there are some technical and mechanical issues, but this incredible feeling of adventure is something that can only be done through a video game. Tears of the Kingdom masterfully builds on its predecessors to bring the new and old together once more.”

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor [XB/PS/PC]:

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - In-Depth Video Review, Gameplay & Secrets Uncovered! [SPOILER-FREE]

Ron Burke said, “Star Wars Jedi: Survivor improves on its predecessor in every way, giving us not only more of what we loved, but doing so in a massive cinematic interconnected universe full of brand new engaging features. This is your early contender for game of the year.”

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Hogwarts Legacy [XB/PS/PC]:

Ron Burke said, “Full to bursting with unparalleled world building and lore, Hogwarts Legacy shows a level of care rarely seen. I’m stupefied with how amazing it is from top to bottom, and I have a feeling you’ll be hooked the moment you put on the Sorting Hat.”

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty [XB/PS/PC]:

Richard Allen said, “Wo Long: Fall Dynasty is a near flawless game and what I hope is just an intro to this fantastic world. Team Ninja have crafted a game that takes the basic structure of Nioh and other Souls-likes and creates their own unique, rewarding, and brutally challenging experience. In its almost forty hour campaign I was constantly surprised by the amount of new locations, creative boss fights, and sheer ambition of the game. It may be early in the year, but I’d be surprised if any game beats Wo Long for the top of my year-end list.”

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Resident Evil 4 Remake [XB/PS/PC]:

Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Demo Steam Deck Gameplay - PC [Gaming Trend]

Richard Allen said, “Resident Evil 4 was a 10/10 game when it was released and remains so to this day. Despite the years since its initial release, Leon’s adventure has held up incredibly well thanks to a combination of fantastic gameplay, a fun story, campy characters, varied environments, and a lengthy campaign. Now with a new facelift which modernizes the gameplay while providing an incredible graphical update, adding thrilling new set pieces, and expanding the story, RE4 easily retains its spot amongst the best games ever.”

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Dead Space Remake [XB/PS/PC]:

Richard Allen said, “The Dead Space remake is exactly what a remake should be. Quality-of-life improvements help the game flow better and meet modern standards, while the updated graphics bring the terror to life in vivid detail, providing a grotesque beauty to the nearly non-stop carnage. Despite the years which have passed since the game’s initial release in 2008, Isaac’s trek through the USG Ishimura remains as enthralling and terrifying as ever.”

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Dead Island 2 [XB/PS/PC]:

Abdul Saad said, “Though not without its flaws, Dead Island 2 has succeeded in providing a fun and unique zombie slaying experience that will leave players highly satisfied.”

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Forspoken [PS/PC]:

Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust DLC Gameplay - PS5 [Gaming Trend]

David Flynn said, “Forspoken is an incredible title. Although the story suffers from being a bit too generic, the gameplay is inventive, magical, and an absolute blast. This is a game I’ll come back to again and again just to move around and exist in the fascinating fantasy world. Forspoken is an exciting leap forward for action games, and I can’t get enough of it.”

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Fire Emblem Engage [SWITCH]:

Adam Moreno said, “Fire Emblem: Engage is a return to the more linear Fire Emblem style of storytelling while continuing the path that Fire Emblem: Three Houses began with the graphics and combat upgrades. The game feels fresh and new while also paying homage to Fire Emblem’s storied past with the inclusion of iconic characters in the Emblem Rings such as Marth, Roy, Lyn, and more. With a collection of adorable characters you’re sure to cry when you lose them and a story that has its fair share of twists and turns; new and old Fire Emblem fans can find something to enjoy about this game. It’s a story of friendship, family, and doing whatever you can to save the ones you love; Fire Emblem.”

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I Need Something A Bit Different…

Atomic Heart [XB/PS/PC]:

Side by side comparison - Atomic Heart on PS5 vs PC [Gaming Trend]

David Burdette said, “2023 has already been strong with Game of the Year contenders, and Atomic Heart is another one of them. It lives up to all of the hype and all of its promises; an amazing debut game for Mundfish. Nailing down a few things Atomic Heart is phenomenal at is nearly impossible because it’s extraordinary in all of them. This isn’t just my favorite game of this year, it might be one of my favorites of the decade.”

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Wild Hearts [XB/PS/PC]:

Cassie Peterson said, “Wild Hearts brings a uniqueness to the monster hunting genre that keeps the experience feeling refreshing. The Karakuri and different weapon options are very fun to experiment with and present interesting combat opportunities. Overall, Wild Hearts capitalizes on what made monster hunting games so much fun in the first place while still giving fans of the genre a new reason to get excited and dive back into the fight.”

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Metroid Prime Remastered [XB/PS/PC]:

David Flynn said, “Metroid Prime Remastered is an amazing update to a classic game. Despite some remaining issues like clunky combat and platforming, the new control scheme and visual updates make this a must-play in the Switch’s library, even for those who didn’t enjoy the original. This is how you update a game for modern audiences.”

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Minecraft Legends [XB/PS/PC/SWITCH]:

Cassie Peterson said, “Minecraft Legends combines light Minecraft elements with action-strategy gameplay. The game feels more geared towards a younger audience, which is reflected in its simplified mechanics and overall atmosphere. However, there is plenty to enjoy here for players of all ages, especially for those who are looking for a little more Minecraft love.”

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Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Remake [XB/PS/PC/SWITCH]:

Sherlock Holmes The Awakened - First 35 minutes on PC in 4K [Gaming Trend]

David Burdette said, “Sherlock Holmes The Awakened is an amazingly creative way of remaking a game. Taking a piece of your past and making it a building block for your future is genuinely impressive, and it’s a captivating tale that can be experienced now in a deeper capacity. He may not be the same after what he’s just experienced, but Sherlock Holmes has never looked better, and I can’t wait for the next one.”

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One Piece Odyssey [XB/PS/PC]:

Noah Rigsby said, “One Piece Odyssey took on the tough task of being accessible to those who don’t know the source material, while also catering to the fans of the franchise. At its heart, One Piece Odyssey is a love letter to the fans, but that doesn’t stop from being a fantastic gateway into the world.”

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MLB The Show 23 [XB/PS/PC/SWITCH]:

Noah Rigsby said, “MLB The Show 23 moves the franchise forward in several ways. The Negro Leagues storyline shines bright as the best addition we’ve seen in the series. While San Diego Studios didn’t pitch a perfect game, they delivered a game worthy of being called The Show.”

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Like A Dragon: Ishin! [XB/PS/PC]:

Like A Dragon: Ishin Gameplay - PS5 [Gaming Trend]

David Flynn & Cassie Peterson said, “Like A Dragon: Ishin! is a great game, but doesn’t do much to stand out against other games in the series. The story and setting are novel and interesting, however, the combat lacks any sort of balance. Even so, the excellent melodrama is worth seeing through to the end.”

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Everspace 2 [XB/PS/PC]:

Ron Burke said, “With fast paced frenetic combat, a story that keeps you guessing, and enough interlocked systems to bring it all together in a way the first game never could, Everspace 2 is the best space game I’ve played in a very long time. Rockfish reached for the stars, and damn if they didn’t catch ‘em!”

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Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key [PS/PC/SWITCH]:

Abdul Saad said, “Despite some annoyances, Atelier Ryza 3 wraps up Ryza’s journey in a fantastic way, while introducing new elements for both new and returning fans.”

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Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon [SWITCH]:

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon Jeanne Gameplay - Switch [Gaming Trend]

David Flynn said, “Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon is a fantastic spinoff depicting an early adventure of a beloved character. Controlling both Cereza and Cheshire to solve puzzles and defeat faeries is a ton of fun, with a lot still left to discover even after the lengthy main story. This is a delightful start to what will hopefully be a fantastic sub-series.”

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Vernal Edge [XB/PS/PC/SWITCH]:

David Flynn said, “Vernal Edge is a thrilling character action game mixed with an intricate, connected world that’s a joy to explore. The story may not be anything to write home about, but the combat and platforming more than make up for that.”

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Octopath Traveler II [PS/PC/SWITCH]:

David Flynn said, “Octopath Traveler II surpasses the original in every way. The additions to combat were greatly needed and spiced up battles, the story, characters, and pacing are leagues better, and somehow the music cranks it up another few notches. There are still a few issues to be ironed out, like grinding, but this is a retro-style RPG you won’t want to miss.”

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Tchia [PS/PC]:

First 26 minutes of Tchia gameplay on PS5! - [Gaming Trend]

David Burdette said, “While Tchia’s story doesn’t find the steadiest of footing, its world and portrayal of culture are outstanding. The gameplay is also a lot of fun, even with a decent amount of padding to keep you busy in the gorgeous open world. New Caledonia is certainly worth the visit in this digital representation.”

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Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 6 [XB/PS/PC]:

Cassie Peterson said, “Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 6 is a highly polished, excellent entry to the Monster Energy Supercross series that has me excited to keep coming back for more races. The updates to the game’s physics especially had me feeling like I was more in control of my riding experience than ever before. Unfortunately, the Supercross Academy contributed very little to this improved experience and the new Rhythm Attack mode left something to be desired as well.”

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Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe [SWITCH]:

Jack Zustiak said, “When you return to a return, you risk drowning in sentiment to the detriment of the experience. Instead, Return to Dream Land Deluxe skillfully channels its sentiments to refresh Kirby’s legacy and add something new on top of it. It is perhaps the most Kirby game to ever Kirby, and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

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The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition [XB/PS/PC]:

David Burdette said, “The Outer Worlds is an awesome game, so it’s nice to have the option to enjoy it with all the amenities of a new generation of hardware. While the performance is a bit iffy, the visuals really pop, and the updated character models add to your immersion in this imaginative space adventure. It’s no surprise we’ve got a second one on the way, and now you can get ready for the sequel on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S in style.”

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Returnal [PC]:

Returnal - First Co-Op Run on PC in 4K [Gaming Trend]

Abdul Saad said, “Returnal is a great game on console and on PC, and its brilliant fast-paced gameplay will give daring players a highly entertaining experience despite its frustrating elements.

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Digital Darlings

Hi-Fi Rush [XB/PC]:

David Flynn said, “Hi-Fi Rush presents some of the best action combat out there and combines it with rhythm game mechanics to make something truly special. This is a game that’s firing on all cylinders constantly and bursting with creativity and style.”

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SEASON: A Letter to the Future [PS/PC]:

Abdul Saad said, “Despite some odd gameplay choices, Season: A letter to the future provides a unique narrative, highly immersive gameplay experience, and impeccable visuals, making it an easy recommendation for indie game lovers.”

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Persona 3 Portable [XB/PS/PC/SWITCH]:

Persona 3 Portable Gameplay - PC [Gaming Trend]

David Flynn said, “This remaster may be closer to a simple upscale, but Persona 3 Portable is still an incredible game that set the standard for modern Persona. The game looks and runs great no matter what you play it on, with a few caveats. While this probably won’t settle the debate about P3’s definitive version, it’s great to have it easily available.”

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Bramble: The Mountain King [XB/PS/PC]:

Corvo Rohwer said, “At its core, Bramble: The Mountain King is a storybook brought to life in the best way possible. Olle’s search for his sister is a wonderful journey inspired by Nordic folklore that is aided by magnificent landscapes, unsettling mythological creatures and an intriguing narrative that culminates in a touching tale of bravery in the face of darkness.”

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Deliver Us Mars [XB/PS/PC]:

Corvo Rohwer said, “Deliver Us Mars explores what it means to struggle against extinction, and the hope of fixing a dying planet. It’s a story of fear, and how it manifests into hope within some, and wrath within others. It’s a short but certainly sweet narrative adventure into the stars with some casual yet amusing puzzles to help break up the flow of gameplay.”

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The Pale Beyond [PC]:

The Pale Beyond Gameplay - PC [Gaming Trend]

David Flynn said, “The Pale Beyond is a masterclass in tone and atmosphere informing gameplay. As Captain Robin Shaw, you’ll need to make tough decisions constantly, but this stressful journey is well worth seeing through to the end.”

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Children of Silentown [XB/PS/PC/SWITCH]:

Richard Allen said, “Children of Silentown delivers a compelling story told through stunning hand-drawn graphics and spearheaded by a hauntingly beautiful score that perfectly encapsulates the feelings of melancholy and dread that pervade Lucy’s thoughts. Silentown’s unique focus on discovering notes to uncover songs which can then be used to unlock puzzles provides a new dynamic to the point-and-click genre, and despite having gripes with one of the puzzle types, I still enjoyed my time unraveling the mystery of Silentown and the monsters that haunt it.”

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Colossal Cave [XB/PS/PC/SWITCH/VR]:

David Flynn said, “Colossal Cave is a fascinating game, and this modern remake brings the wonder of a text adventure to life in full 3D. It’s streamlined with a few updates, while still keeping the spirit of the original. The game has more than a few issues, but is well worth playing for a magical adventure.”

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A Space For The Unbound [XB/PS/PC]:

Corvo Rohwer said, “A Space For The Unbound is an unforgettable gem that finds a magnificent nexus point between a relaxing slice-of-life adventure and a supernatural exploration of mental anguish. It explores trauma made manifest within dreamscapes that bend time and space while engrossing players in a captivating rural Indonesian setting that begs to be explored.”

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Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly [XB/PS/PC/SWITCH]:

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly Preview - PC [Gaming Trend

David Flynn said, “Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly is a wonderful followup to a chill and touching story that retains the charm of the original while not feeling bound by it. The character arcs feel even more human and relatable within a fascinating world and branching story.”

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Stranded: Alien Dawn [XB/PS/PC]:

Ron Burke said, “Stranded: Alien Dawn is a well-focused survival game with choices that have meaningful and lasting impact. While it could stand to have a few more scenarios, what’s on offer will keep you busy for dozens of hours, and that’s just your first playthrough!”

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Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores [PS]:

🔥 Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores - EXPLOSIVE 45-Minute Gameplay Walkthrough! 🔥

David Burdette said, “Burning Shores is more Horizon Forbidden West, which is enough to tell you to grab it. Although the narrative isn’t as gripping and the new characters aren’t as compelling, being able to explore more of the West and fight new giant robot dinosaurs makes this a fun jaunt in Los Angeles as we await Horizon 3.”

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed [SWITCH]:

David Flynn said, “Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed is a fantastic addition to the Xenoblade Chronicles saga. It ties up the story so far in a nice thematic bow, with equal amounts of new additions and returning favorites. The combat system is tighter and incredibly satisfying, and is even tied to exploration to make you feel like you’re always growing. Once again, I can’t wait to see what Monolithsoft cooks up next.”

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The PSVR2 section

The PlayStation VR2 Hardware:

Unboxing the PlayStation VR2 Hardware [Gaming Trend]

Ron Burke said, “With bleeding-edge tech, Sony launches the single best VR HMD on the market. It does everything right, and in many ways does things well beyond any competitor at any price. Congratulations Sony – you just changed the game.”

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VR-Rock Prescription PSVR2 lenses:

David Burdette said, “It doesn’t get any better for glasses-wearers who enjoy VR than VR-Rock. Their prescription lenses are awesome, and it’s great to see them working perfectly for the PSVR2. If you have a PSVR2 or plan to get it soon, go ahead and save yourself some time and grab your lenses now.”

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Horizon: Call of the Mountain [PSVR2]:

What if Horizon: Zero Dawn was in VR?  Putting you the boots of a tribe outcast, Call of the Mountain answers that question with a game that is an amazing showcase of Sony’s new hardware, and it’s a great game to boot!  Earning a perfect score from Ron, here’s what he had to say: “Sony needed a system-seller for their PlayStation VR2, and Horizon: Call of the Mountain is it. Scale, interactivity, haptics, and satisfying combat that matches the main games makes for a must-have for anyone picking up Sony’s newest hardware.”

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Pavlov VR [PSVR2]:

Pavlov VR - Zombie bunker and hospital gameplay and pure cowardice [PSVR2]

David, Richard, and Ron got together and proceeded to have a heck of a lot of fun, finding new and interesting ways to be cheating cowards in Pavlov VR, and it’s only gotten better since launch.  We had this to say: “It’s definitely better with friends, but Pavlov VR is an absolute showcase for what an FPS should be in VR. It runs tremendously, it has an awesome amount of content to play, and it’s just fun to play. This one should be in your PSVR2 library right now.”

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MOSS / MOSS Book 2 [PSVR2]:

Richard loved both of these games, and frankly they are both worth picking up!  He said this about the sequel which was somehow even better than the first!  “Moss: Book II is a genuinely emotional, surprisingly creative, and incredibly gorgeous follow-up to its critically acclaimed predecessor. Book II takes the themes and gameplay ideas from the first title and nearly perfects them and in doing so has created a longer, more difficult, and more fulfilling adventure for Quill.”

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No Man’s Sky [PSVR2]:

No Man's Sky Multiplayer on PSVR2 [Gaming Trend]

David, Richard, and Ron teamed up once again to check out this impossibly good game.  It has grown so much since launch, and now it’s even better than ever as it launches on PSVR2.  We had this to say: “No Man’s Sky returns home to Sony’s newest platform, bringing with it more features, fun, and now virtual exploration than ever before. While a few bugs remain, No Man’s Sky stands out among a very strong launch lineup for the PlayStation VR2.”

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Synth Riders [PSVR2]:

Ron continues to sing the praises of Synth Riders, and its launch on PSVR2 means jumping into this rhythm game easier than ever.  He had this to say in his review: “With incredible aesthetics and an ever-expanding soundtrack, Synth Riders continues to dominate the rhythm game beat. It’s accessible, fun, and an absolute must-have for anyone with a VR headset. Come on in – join the neon-soaked party.”

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Demeo [PSVR2]:

Demeo is one of those games that you have to see to believe.  It perfectly blends tabletop and VR, and does so in a way that is pickup and play, but a challenge to master.  With a ton of content, Ron was excited that you could play this with and without PSVR2 and had this to say in his review: “Demeo is a fantastic dungeon-crawler, and a perfect addition to the PSVR2 library. Demonstrating a visual clarity not seen on any other platform, the PlayStation VR2 version is the best possible platform. This is an easy recommendation and a must-have for any PSVR2 owner.“

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After the Fall [PSVR2]:

After The Fall - AI Partner Harvest Run on PSVR2 [Gaming Trend]

The VR team of David, Richard, and Ron again team up for this team-based VR shooter.  While we had some hiccups with voice chat (all patched now!), we had an absolute blast.  Here’s what the team had to say: “After The Fall feels like a formula we’ve seen done to death, but the addition of truly competent VR makes the game feel a little more fresh. Impossibly, it’s a zero-nausea experience, and when played with friends, it’s a blast. An easy recommendation for new PSVR2 owners.”

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The Drink To Power Your Play

Sneak Energy:

THE NEW BEST FLAVOR?! Sneak Energy Peach Iced Tea Taste Test! [Gaming Trend]

David Burdette said, “Whether you’re looking to replace your current powdered energy formula, or are looking to get started, Sneak Energy is a great brand to look at. The flavors are tasty, the energy provided is awesome, and the shakers are to die for. If they keep adding to their arsenal of flavors and add a hydration line (which they just recently have), look out world. Sneak is bunny good, and that’s a fact.”

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The Gear To Use While Playing

ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 4070 Ti:

Ron Burke said, “The RTX 4070 Ti delivers fantastic performances on older and newer games, providing power exceeding the RTX 3080 Ti, and it does so with and without DLSS 3.0. Add in NVIDIA’s newest AI-driven upsampling and this thing is an absolute beast. While the price still feels slightly high, you can’t argue with the results.”

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Ron Burke said, “Delivering speeds and latencies normally reserved for the overclocking leaders, the Kingston FURY RENEGADE spells the new benchmark for DDR5, and at a price that will absolutely destroy their competition.”

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PlayStation 5 DualSense Edge controller:

Unboxing the DualSense Edge controller for PlayStation 5 [Gaming Trend]

David Burdette said, “There are a few drawbacks to the DualSense Edge, but they’re overshadowed by the highlights. The foundation laid by the original DualSense is upgraded in almost every way, with an abundance of features any gamer will appreciate. The cost may not be for the faint of heart, and the battery is subpar at best, but with everything added up, the DualSense Edge is a luxurious device that oozes a first class experience”

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Turtle Beach Stealth Pro wireless headset:

David Burdette said, “The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro wireless headset is a heck of a headset, and though it may not be perfect, it’s worthy of a crown. Everything it can do, it does well, with fantastic audio, an incredible TruSpeak mic, and exceptional noise cancellation that’s on the top of my list. If the software engineers can take advantage of the 50mm drivers and make some killer EQ settings, it’ll be tough for any headset to challenge it for the throne.”

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SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7X wireless headset:

David Burdette said, “The SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7X is a worthy pickup for the avid and multi-platform gamer. It delivers great sound and amazing battery life, meshed with arguably the most comfortable design in gaming headsets. You can’t get much better than this, especially at the asking price.”

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SteelSeries Arctis Nova 3 headset:

SteelSeries Arctis Nova 3 Unboxing and Setup

David Burdette said, “They do it all. The SteelSeries Arctis Nova 3s are the standard variant in the Nova line, the tough jack-of-all-trades that gives you good performance wherever you use it. Versatility, comfortability, crisp audio and mic; it’s all here. SteelSeries always seems to find a way to give you the most with each of their devices, and the Nova 3s are no different.”

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SteelSeries Arctis Nova 1 headset:

David Burdette said, “The SteelSeries Arctis Nova 1s aren’t going to blow the doors off the audio scene, but they are going to be a perfect budget headset. Featuring some of SteelSeries greatest features with the ClearCast mic and tuned drivers, along with still being the most comfortable design out there, the Arctis Nova 1 will do exactly what you need it to. Oh, and did I mention it’s arguably the best PSVR2 headset?”

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JBL Quantum 910 headset:

Adam Moreno said, “The JBL Quantum 910’s are a game changer for anyone coming from the JBL line of headphones. With the new head-tracking and then spatial sound, you’ll be equipped for competitive gaming, watching movies, playing games with friends, listening to music, or just hearing every step you take in solo play. These have the new wireless capability and work with multiple consoles and setups. While the price might be out of reach for some, it’s worth every penny for how much this headset can do.”

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JBL Quantum TWS Air earbuds:

JBL | Quantum TWS Air true wireless gaming earbuds

David Burdette said, “A nice variation on the formula, the JBL Quantum TWS Airs are a nice complement to their big brother. The missing ANC is noticeable, but the fantastic sound and mic make these a great choice for on-the-go gamers and music lovers.”

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Roccat Magma Mini 60% gaming keyboard:

David Burdette said, “For only $50, you might be stealing this one from Roccat. The Magma Mini 60% gaming keyboard is awesome and fits any space, with some of the best RGB lighting on the planet. With great functionality in the quiet membrane keys and the IP33 rating, it’s not just a looker, either. I’m not a fan of being unable to use it with any device, but overall you can’t beat the value in this great gaming keyboard.”

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Kimura DUO in-ear monitors by Antlion:

Ron Burke said, “Whether you are listening to music, watching a movie, or playing a game, good audio can make all the difference. The Kimura DUO delivers that in an inexpensive, lightweight, and clean solution that will make you wonder why you waited to switch.”

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Monster DNA Fit & Go earbuds:

Monster DNA Fit Full

Ron Burke said, “With an in ear monitor style behind-the-ear approach, the Monster DNA Fit will stay put no matter what activities you tackle. Better still, they’ll sound phenomenal doing it, and when you are done, you can clean them easily. What more could you ask for?”

“With excellent sound, IP5X water and dust resistance, and some cool new tech bits under the hood, the Monster DNA Go is an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their earbud experience. While I wish they lived up to their battery life claim, the Qi charger is a great addition to the package and will have you back to rocking your tunes in no time.”

Our reviews (Fit) (Go) | Buy it now! (Fit) (Go)

Vertagear PL4800 chair:

Ron Burke said, “Unrivaled quality, excellent comfort, and a handful of brand new features are combined with last year’s HygennX tech to make for a chair that is built to last and will keep you comfortable for gaming, work, or anything in between.”

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SIHOO M18 Ergonomic Chair:

Unboxing and Assembly - Sihoo M18 Ergonomic Chair

Richard Allen said, “The SIHOO M18 Ergonomic Chair is a great office and gaming chair for far less than many other market options, though it lacks some of the flashier elements of the more expensive brands. Still, the M18 is versatile, featuring a much-appreciated tilt, adjustable head and arm rests, a thick seat cushion, and great lumbar support. Most importantly, the M18 is comfortable, even when used for long periods of office work.”

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Monoprice Monolith MTM-100 Bluetooth speakers:

Ron Burke said, “With a wide variety of connectivity options, and audiophile-quality audio on offer, the Monolith MTM-100 delivers stunning audio for a highly reasonable price. It also helps that they look the part.”

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Eaton/Tripp-Lite Pure Sine Gaming UPS Battery Backup:

Ron Burke said, “Backed by decades of commercial experience, the Eaton/Tripp Lite Pure Sine Gaming UPS battery backup delivers peace of mind, as well as a few tricks that make it unique among its contemporaries. Don’t cheap out – keep your gear safe.”

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Games & Gear From Yesteryear


It’s hard to overstate what an incredible journey God of War and God of War Ragnarok combine to make. The evolution of Kratos and Atreus as they face their toughest foes yet is an emotional one, and it’s easily a serious contender for game of the year. What blows me away is just how much better this game is than its predecessor. If you needed a reason or a recommendation, you have it – this is the top rung. A flawless adventure, and one you don’t want to miss. Now beat the game already so we can talk about that ending!

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Elden Ring First 15 Minutes - PC [Gaming Trend]

Elden Ring is the culmination of all the Souls entries up to this point, creating a near perfect gameplay experience filled to the brim with incredible boss fights, gorgeous graphics, and an insanely large world to explore. A variety of new ideas, including crafting and the addition of the spirit horse Torrent, help bring a new level of immersion to the proceedings while simultaneously helping Elden Ring feel like a unique entry in the Souls genre. With gameplay tailored for players who want to experience the world solo as well as those who wish to play nearly the entire game in co-op, Elden Ring is a masterclass in design. Minor gripes about a couple of boss fights and the sheer density of the world to explore leaving many areas potentially undiscovered aside, Elden Ring is a nearly flawless experience which old and new fans of the Souls series will enjoy.

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The ultimate sequel, Horizon Forbidden West games everything you loved about Zero Dawn and expands it even further. There’s even more dinosaurs, more enemies, and an incredible web of plot woven throughout your journey through the Forbidden West. Add some cool new abilities and weapons along with a fantastic supporting cast, and Aloy’s adventure is a resounding success.

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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Campaign livestream w/ Lead Editor David Burdette!

Someone had to push Call of Duty into the future, and you just knew it’d be the team that’s done it time and time again. Modern Warfare II is familiar yet different, moving the franchise into next-gen in a resounding way. It’s not perfect, but engages you on new levels, held up by the best gunplay in first person shooters. With a ton of new content around the corner, along with Warzone 2.0, Modern Warfare II is going to rule the FPS space for a long time.

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As I wrote in my column, changing Overwatch 2 while still making it feel like the Overwatch we know and love was the challenge and Blizzard pulled it off nicely. Removing one tank and reducing teams to 5v5 was the answer to allowing more individual plays and focusing teamwork. Overwatch feels great to play again. Blizzard needs to make adjustments to the store, especially events – they should think about adding non-paid loot boxes – but as a free to play game, there’s no reason not to give it a shot this holiday.

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The zombies are back, and this time they mean business. Well, they only really mean to eat your flesh, but don’t tell anyone. In this sequel that takes things to eleven, you play as Aiden, a drifter who’s caught up in an intricate tale of betrayal and revenge. To get where you’ll need to go, you’re going to have to parkour, glide, grapple, and of course, fight your way across a massive world filled with both the undead and living enemies to find out the truth behind your beginnings. If I’m honest though, you may get lost in this one though, with tons to do in Villedor. And that’s not counting the incoming Bloody Ties DLC or the impressive co-op.

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The Last of Us: Part 1 Remake (PS5) - Service Area Encounter, Crafting, Underpass Encounter

As a game, The Last of Us: Part 1 still deserves a high score after all these years, but I give that score hesitantly, as I am acutely aware that previous releases offer more content and that this release was not created for those who have already played through and enjoyed the game in the past, but rather to welcome in new players or for those who wish to harness the full power of their PS5. While this is the most technically impressive version of The Last of Us that we will likely ever get, it is anchored down by its previous releases, while simultaneously missing important components those versions had, namely the superb multiplayer. Despite some interesting bonus features, new cosmetic items, vastly improved AI, and a few quality-of-life changes, there may not be enough here to justify the purchase for anybody except newcomers. That said, the impressively robust suite of accessibility options is a welcome addition worthy of praise and will hopefully provide an opportunity for a new generation of fans to experience this story.

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Gran Turismo 7 is the most luxurious racing simulator out there. It’s sleek, refined, and clearly made by people who care a lot about cars. Unfortunately, tons of microtransactions were introduced post launch, but if you don’t need to collect everything this is a fun time and you may even learn something.

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An hour of Gotham Knights co-op gameplay on PS5 - [Gaming Trend]

Gotham Knights provides a new story to the Batfamily legacy. With the ability to play as Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Robin; there are plenty of opportunities for replayability. With a story that’s “classically Batman,” we can suggest this for anyone who has followed the comics, games, or movies; with nods to villains throughout the game, emails from Justice League members, plenty of the Rogues Gallery to fight, and so much exploration throughout Gotham. With many ways to traverse the city, make sure to play with friends online with the Co-Op mode!

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It’s hard to understate how important sports games are to this industry. People complain year after year about how “this could be an update”, without realizing the stress of a new game being built. Not only does NBA 2K23 play great, but it’s one of the best looking sports games I’ve seen. Add that to a deluge of modes that will absolutely steal your time, like MyTeam, Career, Michael Jordan challenges, and more? It’s a slam dunk.

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A Plague Tale: Requiem is one of the most emotionally satisfying games I have ever played. I was stunned by the emotionally charged, beautifully presented, and impeccably acted story which is brought to life by incredible technical feats which showcase the power of the PS5. Time and again I was surprised by the sheer bleakness that the story was brave enough to dive into and the thrill of watching hope attempt – and often fail – to overcome those seemingly insurmountable odds. Requiem is a story which both uplifts and decimates your emotions at the same time; a story about characters that feel real and that you grow to care and root for. By the end you too will be shouting, “I am Amicia de Rune and I kneel to no one.”

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Want one of the best looking, most comfortable mice on the market? Then grab the Aerox 5 or 9. The Aerox 5 is the perfect standard gaming mouse, and if you play MMOs or MOBAs, the 9 is even better. It’s clicky, it’s responsive, it’s a good fit for the stocking.

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Steelseries Arctis Nova Pro Series Launch Trailer! - [Gaming Trend]

It’s clean, it’s mean, it’s a killer machine. I love the Steelseries Arctis Nova Pro. It’s one of the most comfortable headsets on the market, with the best sound supported by an incredible equalizer in Sonar. It may come at a premium price, but it is a premium product, well worth the investment.

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I like my ten keys, but the Apex TKL 9 is such a good keyboard it almost makes it worth dropping them. The keycaps are standouts on this one, with a nice grippy feel that reminds me of skater tape on a skateboard. Besides that, it’s super portable and nice and clicky. It’s all you could want in a compact mechanical keyboard, along with the amazing optical switches designed by Steelseries.

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Flexispot E7 Pro Standing Desk Unboxing and Review [Gaming Trend]

I was incredibly impressed with how easily assembled and sturdy the E7 Pro is.  So much so that I did something dumb and sat on top of it while I raised it all the way up.  Risky nonsense behavior aside, this desk has been absolutely fantastic, and you can see it time and again in any of our unboxing and review videos.  There are a lot of folks like me who are tough to buy for during the holidays, and this is just the right sort of gift that they’d probably never buy for themselves, but absolutely need.  Check out our video below and then snap one up for yourself!   They also have a whole lineup for Black Friday and Cyber Monday that you might check out while you are at it.

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Loupedeck Live S Unboxing and Review [Gaming Trend]

The Loupedeck Live S is what happens when you smash a CT and a Live together, resulting in the best of both. We loved the updates to the ability to control apps including OBS, Streamlabs, DaVinci Resolve, Spotify, and many more, but we stay for the direct analog control over the balance of in-game audio and game chat. Add in the fact that it’s got 15 screens, and undercuts the price of any competitor and it’s a no brainer this holiday season.

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