Competitive Pokemon — Better Than You Think

The third in our ongoing series “Better Than You Think,” this time with a proper video link above if you’ve been following, where we take aspects of games, for some reason or another, that may have been neglected when judged by the community at large, and actually give them the chance they were asking for.

The third episode is about the competitive quality of Pokemon. While sometimes scoffed at for taking the fun out of a kid’s game, Competitive Pokemon has some surprising nuance and depth that can definitely add to the experience for some gamers, especially if you’re looking to expand your engagement with a series that does at time feel a little childish.

The first four episodes were made before some of the finer touches were given to the column overall, but even if they seem a bit rough they were still made with love. If there’s any game you think deserves a second chance, any story you thought was worth more than how it was received, or an old treasure of yours you’d like to see given a bit of a spotlight, let us know in the comments below, or even in the comments about this video over on our Youtube Channel.

This episode was written, voiced, and edited by Calvin Trager, also know as TTrgr.

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Calvin Neill Trager is a roughly 25-year-old house husband supporting his high school sweetheart as they storm the weather far away from their hometown of Michigan and reside out in the country of Japan, who spends his free time between practicing Magic, working to Platinum all of Kingdom Hearts on PS4, and writing.

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