The Elder Scrolls Online reveals it’s next adventure — High Isle

The Elder Scrolls Online revealed that it’s upcoming year-long adventure will be taking us to a brand new, never before seen location: High Isle! Many of us have been anxiously awaiting the reveal, and if you tuned into today’s live stream you got to see just how awesome this new content looks!

ESO will be focusing on the Breton race in this newest Chapter which releases on June 6th, and we’ll get to journey to the Systres Archipelago to see magnificent landscapes based on medieval culture and architecture. We’ll see stunning castles, and epic tournament grounds, complete with jousting and court life.

The Bretons are descendants of elves and humans, and much like every other race, they have their difficulties. The social elite keep themselves perched high in Gonfalon Bay while the peasants have their own squabbles, and of course we will see the power struggles that keep players on their toes!

High Isle is launching on June 6th 2022!

We’ll also get two new Companions with High Isle! A caster Khajiit named Ember who grew up on the streets, and a Breton Knight named Isobel. The Companion system which was introduced last year with the Blackwood Chapter has been wildly successful, and I am thrilled to see that we’ll have new friends to adventure with!

Last but not least, we’re getting an in-game card game called Tales of Tribute. It will be a resource building game with both PvE and PvP options. You can level up challenging NPCs and earn some really cool rewards such as furnishings and cosmetics, all while advancing through a storyline. If you’d prefer to challenge other players that option is there too. The coolest thing about it is that players shuffle their decks together at the start of each match, so that both new and old players have an even playing field. I am very excited to check out this new system and can’t wait to hear more about it.

The base patch for the launch of High Isle will also bring Spanish text translations. This will be arriving on June 6 for PC/MAC and Stadia, and June 21st for Xbox and PS. Voiceovers will remain in English, but all legacy, current, and future in-game texts and subtitles will be translated into Spanish.

If you’re as excited as I am about the High Isle Chapter, you can pre-purchase through the ESO Store, or retailer of your choice starting today, January 27th! High Isle releases on June 6th for PC/MAC and Stadia, and June 21st for console.

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