Mutant: Mechatron up on Kickstarter

Mutant: Year Zero brought us from the safety of our bunkers into a dark world that was not as dead as we thought. For years we have had the chance to build settlements and explore its many Zones as mutated humans, we now have an all-new way to venture out into the light: as robots from Mechatron 7, an underground community of machines. Read below to find more of the Kickstarter, which recently dropped and as of writing has blasted through its funding goals:

From the devious minds that brought you Mutant: Year Zero, Mutant: Gen Lab Alpha, and Coriolis, comes the latest addition to the Mutant universe – Mutant: Mechatron.

Played either as a standalone or as an expansion to the other games in the Mutant: Year Zero franchise, Mechatron tells the origin story of the robots, and introduces them into the dawnworld of the apocalypse.

Features include:

  • New rules for creating and playing robots. A unique system lets you build your machine character part by part. The book includes all the rules you need to play!
  • A detailed description of Mechatron-7, the huge underground robot hive, including a beautiful full-color map.
  • The complete campaign Ghost in the Machine, putting the player characters in the middle of a conflict threatening the future of the entire robot hive.
  • An overview of how the robots can adapt to life in the Zone, and join the human mutants of Mutant: Year Zero.


With 29 days to go there are still plenty of chances to learn more about this game for yourselves, and get in on the action if you are interested. You can check out more of the Mechatron Kickstarter or Mutant: Year Zero in general to get more information.

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