Little Big Planet started as a novel new game idea of two former Lionhead Studios game developers. They wanted to create a 2d console game that had multiplayer and predominately featured player made content (something that is almost unheard of in the console world). A meeting with Sony

Little Big Planet is not about flashy explosions, spectacular lighting and the most realistic graphics. Instead it is a 2d platformer that uses the PS3 hardware to create very detailed environments filled with cartoonish characters and Sackboys. The levels themselves are presented in pseudo 3d. Most objects that you can interact with, like boxes, rocks, etc are 3d models that have been placed on the 2d plane. The levels also have 3 different playable planes that your Sackboy can move around on.

One of the key features of Little Big Planet is the ability for any player to be able to pick up the game and within literally minutes they can learn how to create their own levels. For this reason there are a bunch of different themes to the levels and a player shouldn

The first thing you will notice about Little Big Planet is that the developers took the game

If any criticism can be given to Little Big Planet it will be for the game

On its own Little Big Planet is a very fun 2d platformer with enough humor and charm thrown into its 20 main storyline levels to be a good game. What drives it over simply being a good game and turns it into an incredible game is the fact that Little Big Planet will continue to grow and become even better once all of the player made content and levels start popping up.

As of the end of the game’s beta period there were already a host of unique and fun player made levels. One of the most memorable is a level designed to simulate God of War. The creator of the level had everything necessary to make anyone familiar with God of War instantly recognize the level’s inspiration. There were chests to open with green orbs, huge doors to lift and the Omega symbol was displayed on a lot of the background.

Another player had created a Shadow of the Colossus level that tried to recreate one of the colossus battles. Still another player created a pretty convincing Metal Gear level. Keep in mid that these levels were all created within the limited time that the beta was released and you will be able to see that Little Big Planet truly has a lot of gameplay to offer. It

Little Big Planet is the very definition of replayability. The user created content is going to give this game legs like no other console game has had in the past. I fully expect to see thousands of quality user made levels two or three years down the road. In essence Media Molecule has created a game where you can play an entirely new level every day for as long as the game