Gwyn Griffith


I haven't always been a gamer. Roller Coaster Tycoon was about as gamey as I got until I met and married my gaming husband. Since 2010 we have been playing every game we can get our hands on. I am drawn to games with high player interaction, superb art, and strong themes.

Posts by Gwyn Griffith:

Support Your Local Sheriff! Sheriff of Nottingham Review

by 3 weeks ago

Apples! Chickens! Bread! Cheese! ...and Crossbows? Sheriff of Nottingham is a game that transports you into the world of Robin Hood and Maid Marian (though neither are ever mentioned). You …

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Beware of the Black Fleet

by 5 months ago

You are sailing across the seven seas. Salty air whips cross your sails, filling your lungs with the power of the ocean. You are about to head to port and …

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Who’s your granddaddy- Legacy

by 7 months ago

There are many odd themed games out there. Collecting sushi, stacking penguins, and growing beans have all become staples on our gaming shelves. So I guess I shouldn't have been …

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