You’ve got a hot date with a trebuchet in Mace and Grace next month

Today, PlatformaVR announced that it will release its new medieval VR title Mace and Grace for VR headsets via Steam Early Access this May. The game will allow players to destroy various enemies who are catapulted thanks to the help of trebuchets.

In Mace and Grace, players are tasked with clobbering medieval knights vaulted at them via trebuchets where they can bash them with unique weapons.

The virtual reality game brings cartoony, fun graphics with a wonderful robust color palette. Mace and Grace includes multiple levels, game modes, various types of enemies, and robust environments. The game’s incredible weaponry lineup includes:

1. Spear

2. Mace

3. Axe

4. Morningstar

5. Bare hands

6. More weapons coming soon

Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.


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