You’re the only survivor left in Afterlight, Kickstarter planned for April

Today, Silent Road Games announced that its space adventure game Afterlight is currently in development, and will have a Kickstarter this April. The game will let players explore an atmosphere full of dynamic environments and an engrossing story.

Afterlight is the title of a 2.5D space adventure Silent Road Games team is working on. The title will start its funding through Kickstarter on next April, with the studio targetting a release by the third quarter of 2020. The platform of choice will be PC, but Silent Road won’t close the doors to console versions.

Set in the 22nd century, Afterlight features an atmospheric adventure with action and puzzles on Titan, a distant moon on Saturn. “We are aiming for a precise and dynamic gameplay”, Malaga Studio explains. “We want to put the player in front of unique puzzles and environments of extraterrestrial beauty, discovering how to survive after the failure of a mission where the main character is the only survivor”.

Afterlight puts the player in the shoes of Xin, an astronaut who, after an accident, must survive both the physical and psychological sequels. To do so, she will seek the assistance of her drone and companion C.O.G., who will help her solve all kind of complex situations. With references such as Inside or Journey, or even Tarkovski’s films, the adventure sets out an introspective story in search of self-improvement through trust.

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