You’ll make a mean team with My Hero Academia: The Card Game

If you’re prepared for more My Hero Academia, get your sales pitch ready and recruit My Hero Academia: The Card Game when it gets released this November, Shinobi 7 has recently released new details for the upcoming card game, which will support 2-4 players and will feature characters from the hit manga and anime series.

Shinobi 7, LLC. is delighted to announce My Hero Academia: The Card Game, an all-new tabletop game based on the wildly popular anime My Hero Academia.

In this super-powered, tactical game meant for 2–4 players, each player must recruit super-powered Students to their Hero Agency. Select the Students with the best combinations of Quirks (super-powered abilities), to complete challenging Missions and become the mightiest Agency around!

The game will include 60 Student Cards, 60 Action Cards, 40 Mission Cards, 10 Recruiter Cards, and a full-color Rulebook. My Hero Academia: The Card Game will be available November, 2018 and will be distributed exclusively to all channels by Diamond/Alliance. MSRP is $24.99.

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