You spin me right ’round – roguelike Orbital Bullet receives big update

Every roguelike seems to have something that makes it stand out from the others. In Orbital Bullet’s case, its quirk is in the name. The entire game takes place on a 360 degree field with the player traversing around circular arenas and clearing enemies. Today, Orbital Bullet released the “Fresh Meat” update, adding more weapons, enemies and abilities into the mix. Watch the trailer for the new update, and check out some of the key features of today’s update:

  • Biome, Bloody Biome: Located on the hostile planet Karth, this dreadful new location is where the monsters at Dread Corp. finalize their barbaric manufacturing processes, which may or may not involve infecting unwilling subjects with deadly parasites
  • Revolting New Enemies: It’s safe to say the Dread Corp. manufacturing plant isn’t building car tires or mobile phones. No, the blood-caked factory floor is responsible for creating mindless hybrid soldiers equipped with all manner of limb-removal devices and whirring buzzsaws — all ready to take you on in up-close-and-personal combat.
  • Corpse Collector: Take advantage of all the dead bodies with the handy new Corpse Collector perk, which converts those wretched remains into powerful projectiles, and get your Super Mario on with the Down Slam, a new ability that utilizes the power of…big butts…to stun enemies and make them easier to kill
  • Stay Strapped: Ensure your enemies are cooked to perfection with the Flamethrower or keep your distance with the far-reaching, rapid-fire attack of the Spiral Gun

This “Fresh Meat” update is part one of a four-part roadmap for big content drops. Content update 2, “Harvest Season,” is set to drop sometime in August, and should feature a new biome, new weapons, bosses, enemies, and abilities. As we get closer to the new drop, keep an eye out for more news on Orbital Bullet here at Gaming Trend.

Orbital Bullet is published by Assemble Entertainment and developed by SmokeStab Studio, and it is available on Steam Early Access for $12.99.

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