You love in the game, you love for real with Dandy Dungeon coming to Switch next month

Today, Onion Games announced that it will bring its comedic roguelite-RPG Dandy Dungeon to the Nintendo Switch on July 27. The game will feature a romantic comedy plot with procedurally-generated dungeons and some very special gameplay alongside some balance changes made just for the Switch version.

Dandy Dungeon is a story-driven, romantic comedy roguelite-RPG, which fuses retro-visuals with modern ideas, and features an amazing soundtrack which layers together chiptunes and the humming of the main character himself. Loot procedurally-generated dungeons, transform your weapons into legendary blades, collect Dandy armor sets, and catalog monsters in your quest for love!

Yamada-kun (Age 36) is a programmer at a major game publisher. He hates his job. Alone in his apartment, deep into the night, he toils to create a game of his own: it’s an RPG, and he is the hero, Brave Yamada!

One day, he falls in love at first sight with his new neighbor Maria-chan. In an effort to nurture these feelings, he adds Princess Maria into his game!

Will Yamada-kun and Maria-chan find love?

Is destiny pre-programmed, or randomly generated? Is love a bug or a feature?

The Nintendo Switch version has been re-balanced and refined for play on the go or at home on your TV. Plus, debuting exclusively on the Switch, the game now includes a world leaderboard which allows players to compete with their friends to see who’s the bravest Yamada-kun around, and show the world which gear is best for each dungeon.

From now until its release, Dandy Dungeon will be available at a special pre-order discount price of more than 30% off — just $16.99 (€15.39, £13.85). After the game is released, the price will return to its regular $24.99 (€21.99, £19.79).

Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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