Xplored announces partnership with Paradox Interactive, bringing World of Darkness to Teburu

Xplored today announced a partnership with Paradox Interactive. The partnership will bring World of Darkness properties to Teburu, starting with Vampire: The Masquerade – Milan Uprising.

According to Xplored Founder & CEO, Davide Garofalo,

“We are honored that Paradox has trusted us with one of their most beloved franchises. They embraced our vision for the future of boardgaming, and loved our passion for the WoD, that we’ve been roleplaying for over 25 years, with the same friends and colleagues who now are working together on our first VtM game for Teburu.”

According to Brand Manager for World of Darkness, Sean Greaney,

“We are very excited to be partnering with Xplored: their innovative platform of narrative adventure storytelling fits the World of Darkness perfectly. We know that our World of Darkness community will be thrilled to explore this unique style of story gaming.”

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